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27 Attendees

Abigail Yates Abigail Yates Organizer
actor, assistant director, director, editor, filmmaker, producer, videographer
Samantha Anne Samantha Anne
author, musician, screenwriter
Kalpana Malviya Kalpana Malviya + 1 Guests
creative executive
Ana Araujo Ana Araujo
actor, producer
Nancy Kaszerman Nancy Kaszerman
voice artist
Steven Harris Anzelowitz Steven Harris Anzelowitz + 1 Guests
Jordan Yanco Jordan Yanco
dialect coach
jayson simba jayson simba
Daniel Azarian Daniel Azarian + 1 Guests
Adonis Williams Adonis Williams
director, editor, screenwriter
Robert Seigel Robert Seigel
entertainment attorney
Sparkman Clark Sparkman Clark
actor, production assistant, screenwriter, second assistant camera
Ghenya B. Grant, Esq. Ghenya B. Grant, Esq.
entertainment attorney
Roderick A. Gunsell Roderick A. Gunsell + 1 Guests
Ashlee Renz-Hotz Ashlee Renz-Hotz
actor, film/theatre journalist, screenwriter
Marina Shron Marina Shron
director, playwright, screenwriter
Joe Valva Joe Valva + 1 Guests
camera operator, crew, editor, producer, telecom tech, teleprompter, videographer
Lolita Brinkley Lolita Brinkley
acting teacher, actor, attorney (non-entertainment), copyright clearance consultant, entertainment attorney, performance coach, voice actor
Stefan Dzeparoski Stefan Dzeparoski
director, dramaturge, filmmaker, performance coach, producer, script consultant
Dez Jefferson Dez Jefferson
actor, agent, casting director, producer
Alexander Torres Alexander Torres
actor, production assistant
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Theater District

Where: The Three Monkeys
236 W 54th St
New York City, New York
When: Friday, June 12th
12:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 6 years ago
Updated 6 years ago
Note! Note the change of venue due to the change in the number of people coming.
About the meetup

Come have a casual gathering of creatives. Reservations have been made, just tell them you are there for the Stage 32 Meetup.

The venue has changed due to the increase in size of the number coming.


Casual ambience.

Samantha Anne

I'll try to bring a friend, but even if I can't - I'm in! :)

Abigail Yates

We will look forward to seeing you! They didn't click here, but you make 5 people so far. If your friend comes then there will be 6.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

You both just made my day...no, my week.. no, my... oh, hell, Jordan thought for a beat that it was going to be Xan, me, and him. You saved us.

Abigail Yates

It's a small place. I just hunted down photos. Should be fun!

Jeff Alley

Bummer! I would love to go to this, but I'm working. Please let me know if you do this again.

Adam McCulloch

Sounds great but sadly I'm on assignment overseas at the moment. Keep me in mind for next time.

David Levy

Wish I knew sooner. Will not be available at noon tomorrow for this meet up. Keep me informed if there is a next one!

Karynne Summars

Can't attend unfortunately due to a photo shoot that day.

Gerard Mendez

This is pretty cool. I wish I can make it, but I have a shoot. I enjoy meeting talented, and like minded people in my area...please keep me posted on upcoming meetings and/or events. Thank you.

Nancy Kaszerman

Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to it!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Sounds great, I'll see if my Cousin Gary Craig ,Stage 32 member can go otherwise sounds great

Genevieve Castelino

Just got invite. Would've loved to come. Hope to catch you at the next one.

Jennifer Bonaparte

Sounds great but I won't be able to attend this time.

Brandi Alyssa Young

Oh sure! Have a meetup and I will be in NC! RATS!! Just my luck!

Raymond Pental

Fantastic idea but I've already commeted to something else. Please reach out if another is in the works.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Abigail Yates -- please add me to your Stage 32 network so I can send you a message. Can't make this one (dental appt) -- but I know of a great place where we can meet for free in midtown (51st Street @ 5th Avenue) the next time -- if there's a MeetUp in the evening.

Vince Conside

Thanks so much for the invite, I'm out of town this weekend.

Ken Krauss

Thanks for the invite...Will definitely try to make it though the last time I was in the company of so many screenwriters was on a WGA picket line.

Abigail Yates

Please note the venue change to The Three Monkeys

Abigail Yates

The Three Monkeys 236 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 (212) 586-2080 Transit: 7 Ave (B, D, E) 57th St - 7 Ave (N, Q, R) 50 St (1,2) http://www.thethreemonkeysbar.com Still casual, there is street parking,

Robert Graphik

I'll be there but I'll be in disguise

C Wellington

I'll do my best to be there.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Abigail- Something has come up, and I will not be able to attend, I wish you a very creative weekend, and will see you in the Lounge.

Jordan Yanco

thank goodness I checked Stage32 before heading out to Luigi's! See you soon...

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Please take lots of photos and upload them to the meetups section and make sure to #stage32 on Twitter and Instagram so we can promote you! @stage32online

Samantha Anne

So, so sorry for the late cancel - a family emergency pulled me out of town last night. :( Please keep me informed of the next meet up!

jayson simba

Great meeting everyone today! Hopefully we can collaborate on a project soon!

jayson simba

hey guys - here is the short film I was telling you about. the password is 4youreyes https://vimeo.com/97555822

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Can we see pictures from the meetup?

Abigail Yates

Julie, the pictures are up. :)

Abigail Yates

Thank you Jayson. That was heart wrenching.

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