Event has ended Third Meetup for the DFW area in Arlington, Texas

8 Attendees

Hilton Moore Hilton Moore Organizer
actor, author, director, marketing/pr, producer
Luciana Mendes Schulle Luciana Mendes Schulle
actor, music composer, musician, singer, translator
Deward Lynn Lawrence Deward Lynn Lawrence
actor, assistant director, author, camera operator, concept artist, crafty, director, location scout, musician, producer
Trisha Mitchell Neville Trisha Mitchell Neville
production coordinator, production manager, screenwriter
Jeanette Greenwood- Ceo Jeanette Greenwood- Ceo + 2 Guests
acting teacher, director, playwright, producer, screenwriter
Bill Joyce Bill Joyce
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Third Meetup for the DFW area in Arlington, Texas

Where: Rio Mambo Cantina
2150 E. Lamar Blvd
Arlington, Texas
When: Monday, June 29th
7:00PM -
54 Members  |  30 Meetups
Note! First drink is on me...
About the meetup

Greetings folks, It has been a very busy month and I am trying to get the " meetup" in before the end of this month. I have been in California and Florida the last couple of weeks and have been involved in two movies in production. I had to pass up a gig in Austin this morning for HBO because of a late wrap up last night. I just couldn't make it. I will strive to get these jobs out to all of you in hopes that you may be able to show up for the work. This "meetup" will be the third get together of our group and I am getting more jobs to you guys in time to book the gig. If you can make the "meetup" please let me know as I will get them to set aside our usual place in the Cantina. Please feel free to bring a friend interested in our group. A lot of activity going on in the group and maybe they will need some of us to help in their projects. If you can't make this meetup, we will have another earlier next month around the 15th. Hope to see you there

About the group
The first 'Stage 32' actors meet-up group serving Dallas and Ft.Worth actors and crew professionals in the area. Meet-ups with our group will help to find opportunities for our members and further the film industry in and outside of the Metroplex. We will maintain a listing of available talent in our group to support project casting and any emergency last minute film crews. Because how many times have we been on a shoot and ran out of background actors or no-shows? We will also try to share the wisdom of our histories on the set. The group may end up being the go to place for directors and casting agents to cast their projects. Please join us and let's see how big we can become together. We can also be a great opportunity to try that new play you've written or that screenplay which is begging to be produced. DFWART is starting, and if you are looking for a group such as this, please contact us. We will decide what would be the best times and places to have our meets when we get a few interested members. I'm Hilton Moore and look forward to meeting you all at the first meeting. 
Jean Tuite

Just found out about this just now and am in Plano TX so won't be able to get to this in time but please include on your list for next time. Jean Tuite

Hilton Moore

Had a great meet. Made a lot of connections and met many new people. All of them hot prospects for a lot of new projects. Writers, and actors, and models... oh my!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist..... Even had a make-up artist attending (OMG, they are rare). We are proud to say we are increasing in size and strength. The group is putting together projects and we are getting work for members. We're putting another meet together for mid-July as we need to get some stuff finished on our projects. Stay tuned......

Rex McGee

Sorry I missed this!

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