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22 Attendees

Lucinda Bruce Lucinda Bruce Organizer
Piers Rae Piers Rae
comedian, dialogue editor, playwright, production assistant, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst, voice artist
Sam Levin Sam Levin
music composer
Derrick Matthias Derrick Matthias + 1 Guests
art department coordinator, art director, camera operator, director, editor, other, screenwriter, set designer, videographer
Sansebastian Kurianparambil Sansebastian Kurianparambil
director, screenwriter
Jeremy Heynen Jeremy Heynen + 1 Guests
actor, director, editor, film festival director, filmmaker, screenwriter, sound designer, videographer
Ross Munro Ross Munro
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Michael Shandrick Michael Shandrick
Rene Claveau Rene Claveau + 1 Guests
filmmaker, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, story analyst
Martin Testa Martin Testa + 1 Guests
cinematographer, concept artist, special effects technician
Ren Kennedy Ren Kennedy
actor, musician, screenwriter, voice artist
David Wayne Smart David Wayne Smart
Darren Montgomery Darren Montgomery
Joanne Hope Joanne Hope
Jessica Kim Jessica Kim
marketing/pr, student
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Vancouver Stage 32 Meetup

Where: The Backstage Lounge
1585 Johnston Street #2
Vancouver, Canada
When: Monday, August 3rd
6:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
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About the meetup

I'm an Independent Producer based here in Vancouver wanting to connect offline with a variety of the talented people on Stage 32 that are also located in the Vancouver area.

I have several projects on the go right now but I'm always looking to collaborate and build my network when possible.

If anyone is interested in this networking opportunity then I hope to see you there.

Feel free to invite other Stage 32 members if you can :)

About the group

Offline Networking Events for the Stage 32 and Film Industry Community.

Michael Stephen McGuire

When is the meeting and where?

Linda McIntyre

Would love to attend, but have to check my schedule. May be out on location that month. Cheers!

Lucinda Bruce

Meeting is at The Backstage Lounge, 1585 Johnston Street #2, Vancouver, Canada When: Monday, August 3rd, 6:00PM Hope to see you there :)

Ren Kennedy

Barring being on set - I would love to meet you all in person - Hope to see you there - Ren

Joanne Hope

I am going to try to make this. I'll be coming in from Salt Spring Island and it would be great to meet up!

Lucinda Bruce

Hope to see you there too Ren :)

Lucinda Bruce

Looking forward to seeing you there Joanne though would totally understand if you stayed on Salt Spring for as long as possible :)

Lucinda Bruce

Looking forward to seeing everyone there on Monday :)

Jessica Kim

I'm going to try and make this meet up! I'm a new intern at Stage 32 and would love to see what one is like before I head off to start setting up my own in France. I'll hope to see you guys there after work.

Lucinda Bruce

Look forward to seeing you there :)

Lucinda Bruce

Looking forward to seeing everyone there tonight! :)

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