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5th meetup for DFW Actors Round Table group - Photo added by Hilton Moore

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It's time again to get together for a great meetup. Everyone should be attending the Rack Focus Red-Carpet Film Showcase on Wed. the 19th at the Famous Texas Theatre at 231 West Jefferson St. in Dallas, Texas. This is the web address to get info and tickets: The show is on the 19th and has some local talent attending who are in the movies.

We will be meeting the night after the show, on Thursday the 20th, at Rio Mambos Cantina (see above address). We will be sharing a lot of information on things going on in the group. We gave out some job information last meeting, and some people appeared on TV and movies last month because of it. If you are not on my facebook page you are missing out on some job postings I put on my page lately.

Thanks to RB Botto; the founder of Stage 32 for sending some free gifts to our meetup last time. Everyone got a gift during a drawing held at the meet. I think it was a good and kind thing RB did to help us out with these gifts. The whole idea of the meetups is "networking". You can prosper from the "sharing" all the members bring with them to each meeting. I am very proud of all of you for stepping out in faith to follow your dreams.

I think I've bought everyone a "first drink" at least once by now. I will have to let everyone buy your own from now on. I am retired now and on a set budget. I hope that you all see that the meetup is to help you get out there and network with each other. Come and let's get some more projects going. We will be having a War movie filming soon, and they may need some more soldiers and crew for the task. This would be a good experience for you guys just starting out. Many more things happening in the group. Hope to see you there.....

Around 7-ish
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