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6th monthly meet up - Photo added by Hilton Moore

About this meetup

This will be our sixth meetup and we are growing. There are several things happening in the group and everyone is so busy. There are a couple more films forming in the group and the writers are putting together several more. Looks like we are going to be busy till the end of the year. R.B. Botto mentioned us on his free webinar last weekend and it is on Stage 32 education tab if you missed it. I also pulled down about 4 minutes of the part mentioning us and posted it on my facebook page. If you are not on my face book, I am the only Hilton Moore on there I'm pretty sure. Friend me..... We will be taking a picture to be presented at the Anniversary party for Stage 32 in Los Angeles next month. We are invited to attend if someone is going out there. Warner Bros pictures have called a couple of us back to Austin on the 10th and 18th to do some more shooting on "The Leftovers" and we will be finishing up on "The Front" when we get back and beginning to cast for another War film in the next few weeks. If you want to get busy....this is the right time. See you at the meeting.

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