Photo #3289: The 7th DFWART monthly meetup for October 14th, 2015 Meetup Photos

The 7th DFWART monthly meetup for October 14th, 2015 - Photo added by Hilton Moore

About this meetup

Well, everyone is so busy filming everywhere. We have people filming in Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth and who knows where else. The writers are churning out juicy little morsels for production and the world is busy. We are starting off and beginning to gain momentum. Casts are being formed, parts are being written, and lines are being rehearsed. It's a great time to be in the court of the Round Table.

Everyone bring your photos of the sets you've been on, and share with the others about your experience during filming. We have a couple of large productions going on in the group and are staffing some of the roles. Background help is always needed and crewmembers are the life blood of any production. I posted a write up of our Stage 32 organization from Variety magazine on my face book page, and it is on Stage 32. Richard (R.B.) Botto was interviewed at a film festival about his group. We are now 500,000 people strong and growing. R.B. has mentioned our DFW group in some of his webinars, which are available on the Stage 32 website. Check them out. See you on Wednesday the 14th. Bring a friend.

7- ish
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