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Andrew Man Andrew Man Organizer
Damian Soto Damian Soto
camera operator, filmmaker, it tech
Gisela Andrade Gisela Andrade
actor, line producer, marketing/pr, playwright, producer, production assistant, screenwriter
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Geneva Creatives Group

Where: Grutli Cinema Centre
Café du Grutli, 16 Rue Général Dufour, 1204 Genève
Genève, Switzerland
When: Monday, November 2nd
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
6 Members  |  3 Meetups
Note! We meet upstairs in the café
About the meetup
This will be our third Stage 32 Meetup in Geneva. A chance to chat about our creative sucess after the summer break and time to take lots of photos for your friends! Looking forward to meeting you, Andrew Man.
About the group
Meet, greet, network, chat, hatch plans or just come for a drink
I'm taking the plunge to start a Geneva meetup. Let's try to establish a regular meetup for those looking to collaborate on projects, seeking advice or just an excuse for an after work social gathering on any day of the week. I know there's some competition in the region, but maybe we can join together?

My suggestion for a meeting place is the Gruetli restaurant, Rue Du Général-Dufour 16
1204 Geneva
at least for a first meeting. The idea is to start a discussion between those who want to make films and writers in the region.
Look forward to meeting with you.
Andrew Man

Our third Geneva Meetup was attended by six creatives and lasted two and a half hours! It started with old Stage32er's Damian Soto and Kirsty Griffiths with business manager Patrick and a discussion about a Stage32 musical short next year. The only person missing was Larissa Rosanoff who had been singing in Italy and got delayed. Later we were joined by Souad writing a Sci-Fi script and the Russian Olga. Both have signed up with Stage32! The next Creatives Meetup may be shortly after I launch my new book, watch this space :)

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