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Carlos Acuna Carlos Acuna Organizer
best boy grip, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), script consultant, second assistant camera, student, translator
Erika Toraya Erika Toraya
actor, screenwriter, voice actor
Denice Riddle Denice Riddle
actor, comedian, voice actor
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Filmmakers San Diego Area Meet Up

Where: San Diego
1630 E Madison Ave
El Cajon, California
When: Saturday, January 9th
1:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! Please RSVP before showing up.
About the meetup

Hi, I am looking for christian filmmakers in the area. I don't want to lie to you. I was but I don't need to, because my cause is of great need.

There is already enough "hollywood" movies out there. What is needed now is more family friendly/documentary-type/action-type films. A mix of these, and if it this mix works good together, then that would be great. If you are a determined filmmaker please come. If you are in need of some experience please come. Your film ideas do not have to be "Jesus Based" they just have to be clean. You don't have to have drugs, sex, or alcohol in order to make a good movie. Now pay attention that I did not include violence. This is because the bible is filled with violent images. Which is what makes it cool if you ask me. Just take a look at one of the greatest christian films out there: The Prince of Egypt, this film had a little violence, it had great score, it had amazing voice actors, and some comedy even. Why has movies such as these not been made since? I don't know! But I am tired of waiting for one. Join me and we will start this "trend" and not let it finish it until our Lord and Savoir comes back.

All are welcome! Please come! RSVP here:

Guardian Angel Productions


text or call me :


Carlos Acuna

Good Morning Everyone. Those who are planning to attend please feel free to contact me through here or through my phone number (preferably) in order for us to have each others contact information in case you can not show up.

Carlos Acuna

I also want to take this time to thank you for supporting this cause. Please feel free to bring any family members or friends who you may think will benefit or be able to help in this cause. A film, even a short one takes many people, effort and hard work to make. The more the merrier. The weather for this weekend does not look very nice, so if you cannot make it I will understand, however, I will need you to inform me before hand. Once again my number is (818)493-8226. Some of you have already contacted me and I promise to return your text tonight.

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