Event has ended The 1st meetup of the second year of DFWART  .

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Hilton Moore Hilton Moore Organizer
actor, author, director, marketing/pr, producer
Shannon Houk Shannon Houk + 3 Guests
actor, assistant director, crew, director, editor, gaffer/lighting technician, graphic designer, grip, photographer (still), producer, production assistant, set builder, sound designer, sound editor, stunt performer, visual effects artist
Lonnie Royal Lonnie Royal
acting teacher, actor, crew, set builder, set designer, singer, theatre director, voice actor
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The 1st meetup of the second year of DFWART .

Where: Rio Mambo Cantina
2150 E. Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, Texas
When: Thursday, April 14th
7:00PM -
54 Members  |  30 Meetups
Note! Many projects coming to an end...many new ones starting.
About the meetup

Hello everyone. We are starting out on our second year of the Dallas Fort Worth Actors Round Table. I am proud of all the projects we participated in during the last year of film making. Several of us are still involved with projects ongoing. Work is picking up in DFW for film crews. More work is coming our way.

The Rack Focus Film Competition is coming up soon. Our group has participated in numerous films, entered into the competition. Some I have heard about or worked on are truly going to be exciting to watch. Other new projects will begin this month for a lot of the members. Still other projects are being discussed and developed for production. Show up to see if there are any in which you may be interested. If you write, bring some of your stories. Let's get them started.

We are one of the busiest groups of film makers in the metroplex. Most of our new members are joining and being placed into roles the first week of membership. I am proud of the effort our senior members take to include our new members into the fray. There are a lot of rumors about new projects starting from our group soon. Show up and see what is cooking. Hope to see you all there. Bring a friend.

About the group
The first 'Stage 32' actors meet-up group serving Dallas and Ft.Worth actors and crew professionals in the area. Meet-ups with our group will help to find opportunities for our members and further the film industry in and outside of the Metroplex. We will maintain a listing of available talent in our group to support project casting and any emergency last minute film crews. Because how many times have we been on a shoot and ran out of background actors or no-shows? We will also try to share the wisdom of our histories on the set. The group may end up being the go to place for directors and casting agents to cast their projects. Please join us and let's see how big we can become together. We can also be a great opportunity to try that new play you've written or that screenplay which is begging to be produced. DFWART is starting, and if you are looking for a group such as this, please contact us. We will decide what would be the best times and places to have our meets when we get a few interested members. I'm Hilton Moore and look forward to meeting you all at the first meeting. 
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