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Amanda Toney Amanda Toney Organizer
director of operations, manager, producer
Sandro Mastronardi Sandro Mastronardi + 1 Guests
Anika Neubauer Anika Neubauer + 1 Guests
filmmaker, producer, production manager
Adina Sadeanu Adina Sadeanu + 1 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Jordan Pitt Jordan Pitt + 3 Guests
actor, director, filmmaker, screenwriter
Philip Todd Philip Todd + 1 Guests
actor, director, editor
Stephanie J. Castillo Stephanie J. Castillo + 3 Guests
director, editor, filmmaker, narrator, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Todd Remis Todd Remis + 2 Guests
Nicole Muj Nicole Muj + 3 Guests
unit publicist
Gotham Chandna Gotham Chandna + 2 Guests
Justin K Hayward Justin K Hayward + 1 Guests
Benedicte Beaugeois Benedicte Beaugeois + 2 Guests
film festival director
Cyril Simonnot Cyril Simonnot + 2 Guests
Candace Mcadams Candace Mcadams + 2 Guests
Morgann Gicquel Morgann Gicquel
cinematographer, director, editor, filmmaker, photographer (still), puppeteer
Tom Cassese Tom Cassese
3d animator, animator, art department coordinator, art director, assistant director, author, boom operator, casting director, concept artist, content creator, costumer, crew, development coordinator, director, editor, filmmaker, first assistant camera, graphic designer, grip, illustrator, line producer, location scout, motion graphic design, musician, narrator, post-production coordinator, post-production supervisor, producer, production assistant, production coordinator, prop master, puppeteer, researcher, screenwriter, script consultant, script coordinator, script supervisor, second assistant camera, set designer, singer, songwriter, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer, stage director, stage manager, story analyst, storyboard artist, subtitler, talent scout, visual effects artist, voice actor, voice artist
Vadym Shapran Vadym Shapran + 1 Guests
art director, cinematographer, colorist, director, editor, filmmaker, post-production supervisor, producer, visual effects artist, visual effects supervisor
Cristina Cironi Cristina Cironi + 3 Guests
Monica R. Cooper Monica R. Cooper + 1 Guests
actor, casting director, film festival director, filmmaker, producer, voice actor
Jimmy Gadd Jimmy Gadd + 1 Guests
Sue Rowe Sue Rowe + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, producer
Pierre Filmon Pierre Filmon + 1 Guests
Paul Marcus Hathway Wilkins Paul Marcus Hathway Wilkins + 2 Guests
Manuel Sinor Manuel Sinor + 1 Guests
Peter F. Ebbinghaus Peter F. Ebbinghaus
agent, post-production coordinator, producer
Don Clovis Don Clovis + 1 Guests
casting director, producer
Alex Helisek Alex Helisek + 3 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter, videographer
Anil Kumar Anil Kumar + 2 Guests
Marysia Trembecka Marysia Trembecka + 1 Guests
Cate Carson Cate Carson + 2 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Leucat IVan Leucat IVan + 1 Guests
Jennifer Mostert Jennifer Mostert + 1 Guests
Henry M.Buchmann Henry M.Buchmann + 1 Guests
actor, author, director, producer, screenwriter
Bruno Gascon Bruno Gascon + 1 Guests
Minos Papas Minos Papas + 3 Guests
cinematographer, director, director of photography, producer, screenwriter
Abigail Yates Abigail Yates + 3 Guests
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Nigel Mercier Nigel Mercier + 2 Guests
Zachary James Miller Zachary James Miller + 3 Guests
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Claire Bleasdale Claire Bleasdale + 2 Guests
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Giovanni Battaglia Giovanni Battaglia + 3 Guests
Abid Khan Abid Khan + 2 Guests
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Serena Armitage Serena Armitage + 1 Guests
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Damon Wise Damon Wise
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Richie Holland Richie Holland + 1 Guests
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Sydney J. Levine Sydney J. Levine + 2 Guests
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Maud Clavier Maud Clavier + 2 Guests
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Courtney Harmstone Courtney Harmstone + 3 Guests
Alejandra Parody Alejandra Parody + 1 Guests
Josh Blank Josh Blank
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Michelle Chang Michelle Chang
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Gabriella Kovago Gabriella Kovago + 2 Guests
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Martha Podell Martha Podell + 2 Guests
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Nicole Faraday Nicole Faraday + 2 Guests
Scott A. Capestany Scott A. Capestany + 2 Guests
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Ostin Fam Ostin Fam
Arya Su Altioklar Arya Su Altioklar + 1 Guests
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Jason Byrne Jason Byrne
creative executive, producer
Darren McFarlane Darren McFarlane
line producer, producer
Nicholas Matthews Nicholas Matthews
cinematographer, director of photography
Patrick Mattes Patrick Mattes + 3 Guests
assistant director, director, filmmaker, producer, production assistant, production coordinator
Jessica Perez Jessica Perez + 2 Guests
photographer (still), student
Yassel Iglesias Yassel Iglesias + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Junichi Kajioka Junichi Kajioka
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Meetup at American Pavilion (OFFICIAL)

Where: American Pavilion
The Croisette
Cannes, France
When: Monday, May 16th
6:00PM · Cannes local time
Meetup Organizer
Created 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
About the meetup

***Note correct time is Monday May 16th 6pm Cannes local time***

Official Stage 32 Meetup

Date: Monday, May 16 2016

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Location: American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival Marché du Film

Event: Stage 32 meetup, with by Founder & CEO, Richard Botto

You MUST have Cannes festival or Marche du Film badge credentials to enter the area, but American Pavilion is open to non-AmPav members starting at 6pm. Come celebrate the 31 Stage 32 members that have films screening at the Marche du Film!

Sincere thanks and appreciation goes out to Amy and Lynne at AmPav for their hospitality. If you don't have your AmPav badge yet, click here.

Join us!

Cate Carson

Hi! Checking to see which time is correct - the section above where you actually sign up for event says it takes place on May 17th at 12pm but below says 16th at 6pm

Amanda Toney

It is Monday, May 16th at 6:00pm Cannes local time - see you there!

Cate Carson

Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Sue Rowe

Hey all! Come find me and say HI! Hope to chat with you all at the meet up! I have a feature screenplay and I'm working to put the right team! See you soon!

Junichi Kajioka

Hi Richard and Amanda, lovely to have bumped into you guys yesterday! I have one screening to attend from 18:00 today so I will be there straight after that! Look forward to it.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Reminder! You MUST have festival or Marche du Film badge accreditation in order to get into the village area by the American Pavilion. They will not let you into the village if you do not have a badge.

Adam J Merrifield

Hi - is there a guest list for tonights meet up at the American Pavilion or can any Stage 32 member attend?

Amanda Toney

Hi Adam - any Stage 32 member can attend. You must have festival or Marche credentials to get in.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hello Stage 32ers- we are towards the back near the water. RB is in a black jacket and Amanda is in a red dress. See you soon!

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