Event has ended Filmland 32(Cleveland Ohio Meetup Group)

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Kyle Wilson Kyle Wilson Organizer
director, screenwriter
Samantha Mauney Aiken Samantha Mauney Aiken
actor, dialect coach, filmmaker, photographer (still), producer
Elo The Source Elo The Source + 2 Guests
audio post-production, content creator, creative executive, music composer, music editor, musician, producer, publisher, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer
Jim Danko Jim Danko
cinematographer, director, editor, filmmaker
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Filmland 32(Cleveland Ohio Meetup Group)

Where: Not sure yet
not sure yer
Cleveland, Ohio
When: Saturday, August 13th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
Note! Let's make the idea a reality
About the meetup

I wanted to put the word out of trying to create a meetup for all the Stage 32 members in Cleveland Ohio. Putting the word out to start a dialogue about it and bring it to life. With all the talent from Ohio that I've seen on this wonderful network, we can surly crank out ten shorts a year and rotate positions. Think short films with one or two locations with 1-5 actors? There's enough skillset and talent between us to build our resume's even more. Lets network and make this happen for the cause of local Ohio talent. Who's with me :)? Feel free to message me or each other if you may have any suggestions.



Jim Danko

I apologize, I will not be able to make it to Cleveland that day. I am however free that next Monday and Tuesday. I would like to meet with other filmmakers interested in what you're looking to do. I have several short film ideas and have written out the story but need to collaborate on writing the scripts. All of my ideas are small and affordable. Limited locations, actors and budget. Clean to the point ideas, most of them are of the horror genre, but that is my field of interest. Could come up with more ideas, and love brainstorming on stories.

Kyle Wilson

Sorry for not setting this up accordingly. My apologies. I did it just to see if people would even bite at the idea. And I had no idea that it would have people interested. I truly apologize and hope this doesn't strike on my character or me as a person. Just wanted to know who all would be interested in doing it. I'll open up another meeting in the future. Hopefully before it snows lol. And this will definitely be official with a place, food, and fun ;). Once again, I truly apologize and will be prepared to actually have one the next time I post something.

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