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11 Attendees

Susan Lockwood Susan Lockwood Organizer
music composer
Erin Campion Erin Campion
Zergog Sebastian Tovar Zergog Sebastian Tovar
actor, screenwriter
G. Leo Maselli G. Leo Maselli
creative executive, director, screenwriter
Jeanne Young Jeanne Young + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, producer
Juanita Wyles Juanita Wyles
actor, director, director of photography, editor, musician, playwright, producer, singer, voice artist
B. Bill Randal (Bull) B. Bill Randal (Bull)
content creator, director, film/theatre journalist, producer, researcher, screenwriter, script consultant, script coordinator, script supervisor, story analyst, storyboard artist
Veronica Craven Veronica Craven
assistant director, editor, line producer, producer, screenwriter, script supervisor
Victor Chen Victor Chen
actor, choreographer, director, fight director, filmmaker, marketing/pr, photographer (still), stunt performer
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Stage 32 Short Film Contest Meetup

Where: Peets Coffee and Tea
S.F. Ferry Building
San Francisco, California
When: Saturday, June 25th
2:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
10 Members  |  3 Meetups
About the meetup

Who wants in on the Stage 32 Second Annual Short Film Contest? I'm down to write the music. :) Let's meet to discuss.

About the group

THX-1139 is a group of next-generation filmmakers based in Northern California. All ages and disciplines are welcome.


I am interested. I just joined this network. What is the exact deadline for submissions?

Jan Naft

I would like to attend; however, I have a memorial service. keep me in the loop for other SF meetups.

Rebecca Faiola

I would love to come but have another event. Thanks! And keep me posted on other meetings!

Susan Lockwood

Thanks, Jan -- will do.

Susan Lockwood

Hi Lauren -- info about the contest, including deadlines, is here: https://www.stage32.com/contests/2nd-Annual-Stage-32-Short-Film-Contest. Hope to see you in San Francisco this Saturday. Susan

Susan Lockwood

Thanks, Rebecca -- will keep you posted. :)

Zergog Sebastian Tovar

Hi Susan, looking forward to this meetup tomorrow and meeting likeminded energetic creatives. Did you get a chance to print up name badges that S32 set up for us, I didn't have the proper adhesive tags. just checking I can print up on photo paper and try and bring something to stick it with, Tape / clips just checking. might be easy to find the group in the coffee shop. See ya all tomorrow. Z.

Tamara Williamson

Just got called into work, and might not make it. I would like to know about future meet ups though. Thank you!

Susan Lockwood

Zergog: I'll have name tags, yes. See you soon.

Susan Lockwood

Andrew: hope to see you there but will keep you posted on future events if you can't make it today!

Susan Lockwood

Thanks, Tamara. Will let you know about future meetups!

G. Leo Maselli

I arrived at the meeting site 30 minutes late and found no signs of Stage 32 members etcetera. Susan, I'll dig into Short Film Contest rules & regs. I want to submit a project now being polished in editing. As are all my films of late, it will be an award winner.

Susan Lockwood

Hey Leo -- we were there, sorry to have missed you! We'll be meeting again, so keep an eye out for a notice next month.

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