Event has ended 1st ever monthly Stage 32 Happy Writer's Meet Up!

122 Attendees

Erik Grossman Erik Grossman Organizer
Matt Hurd Matt Hurd
production assistant, screenwriter
David W. Keffer David W. Keffer + 1 Guests
director, gaffer/lighting technician, producer, screenwriter
Julie Zhou Julie Zhou
actor, screenwriter
Michael Conroy Michael Conroy
crew, director, editor, producer, production assistant, screenwriter
Edna Chichi Njoku Edna Chichi Njoku
comedian, filmmaker, host/presenter, producer
Dea Divi Dea Divi
actor, author, producer, screenwriter, voice actor
Victor Sunstar Victor Sunstar
actor, author, host/presenter, location scout, photographer (still), researcher
Katie Ghidossi Katie Ghidossi
actor, screenwriter
Darius Waters Darius Waters
Anita Marie Melerski Anita Marie Melerski
screenwriter, script consultant
Naomi Beaty Naomi Beaty
Dara Taylor Dara Taylor
comedian, music composer
Tomasz Mieczkowski Tomasz Mieczkowski
comedian, screenwriter
Lucinda Bruce Lucinda Bruce
filmmaker, producer
Colleen Keane Colleen Keane
producer, unit production manager
Desireia Valteau Desireia Valteau + 1 Guests
content creator, producer
Ayman Samman Ayman Samman + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
David Liberman David Liberman
producer, screenwriter
Irene Georgerian Irene Georgerian
actor, filmmaker, producer
Douglas M. Stich Douglas M. Stich
actor, music supervisor, production assistant, screenwriter
Jason A. Wallace Jason A. Wallace
director, producer, screenwriter
Zack Zupke Zack Zupke + 1 Guests
Thomas "Tom" Smith Thomas "Tom" Smith + 1 Guests
assistant director, marketing/pr
kenny hargrove kenny hargrove + 1 Guests
director, playwright, producer, screenwriter
Eliza Agudelo Eliza Agudelo
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Scott Leger Scott Leger
director, screenwriter
Darrick Collins Darrick Collins + 2 Guests
Alexis J. Estevez Alexis J. Estevez
director, editor, producer
Conor O'Hagan Conor O'Hagan + 1 Guests
author, content creator, screenwriter
Gilbert Giles-Sosa Gilbert Giles-Sosa + 1 Guests
Anna Maganini Anna Maganini
actor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Lisa Minzey Lisa Minzey + 1 Guests
actor, director of marketing & distribution, film/theatre journalist, producer, screenwriter, unit publicist
Paul A Rose Jr Paul A Rose Jr + 1 Guests
actor, editor, playwright, screenwriter
Chaz Fatur Chaz Fatur + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Jacob F. Keller Jacob F. Keller
screenwriter, script consultant
Ariel Armstrong Ariel Armstrong
director, producer, screenwriter
George F Gutierrez George F Gutierrez + 1 Guests
photographer (still), producer, screenwriter
Herb Linsey Herb Linsey
line producer, producer, production manager
Zack Van Eyck Zack Van Eyck + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
David Reynie David Reynie
Marcus Henderson Marcus Henderson
actor, cinematographer, comedian, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter, voice actor
Britt Wynn Britt Wynn
agent, creative executive, development coordinator, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Yalcin Kumeli Yalcin Kumeli + 1 Guests
director, filmmaker, line producer, producer, production coordinator, production manager, unit production manager
D. Helene D. Helene
author, dancer
William Balch William Balch
Lisa Laureta Lisa Laureta + 2 Guests
actor, art director, assistant director, author, comedian, content creator, crafty, crew, dialogue editor, director, filmmaker, host/presenter, illustrator, model maker, narrator, photographer (still), production assistant, prop master, puppeteer, screenwriter, script consultant, script coordinator, script supervisor, set decorator, set designer, stage manager, voice actor, voice artist
Marie Roughan Marie Roughan
author, development coordinator, editor, manager, producer, screenwriter
Julian Siminski Julian Siminski + 1 Guests
actor, director, narrator, producer, screenwriter, voice actor, voice artist
Alice Barden Alice Barden
actor, director, performance coach, screenwriter, voice actor
Jen Tousey Jen Tousey + 1 Guests
Michael R. Barnard Michael R. Barnard
director, producer, screenwriter
Chris Lynch Chris Lynch + 1 Guests
Heather Shep Heather Shep + 1 Guests
Michael Eric Ross Michael Eric Ross
editor, screenwriter, videographer
Michael J. Herman Michael J. Herman + 1 Guests
Laura Eileen Sanchez Laura Eileen Sanchez
Sherry Chow Sherry Chow
editor, musician, screenwriter, sound designer
accommodation specialist
David Raiklen David Raiklen + 1 Guests
music composer
Jeremy Meizlish Jeremy Meizlish
Rachael Jones Rachael Jones
Steve Feld Steve Feld
Katie Scrivner Katie Scrivner
Judi Jordan Judi Jordan
author, screenwriter
Jason Sleisenger Jason Sleisenger
actor, editor, screenwriter, sound editor
Amanda Morad Amanda Morad
Caryn Drake Caryn Drake
post-production coordinator, post-production supervisor, producer of marketing & distribution
Tammy Roussin Tammy Roussin
actor, film/theatre journalist, press agent, screenwriter, script consultant, script supervisor, unit publicist, wardrobe supervisor
Sandrene Mathews Sandrene Mathews
actor, assistant director, screenwriter, singer, stage manager
Sean Ericson Quetulio Sean Ericson Quetulio + 1 Guests
Zach Messner Zach Messner + 2 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Kenny Madrid Kenny Madrid + 1 Guests
development coordinator
Jerome Hill Jerome Hill + 2 Guests
development coordinator
Sam Gasch Sam Gasch
actor, director, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Frank Jasa Frank Jasa
production assistant
Danna Moos Danna Moos + 1 Guests
marketing/pr, screenwriter
Arielle Tuzon Arielle Tuzon
actor, author, content creator, film/theatre journalist, marketing/pr, musician, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Mario Rivas Mario Rivas
editor, screenwriter
Talece Brown Talece Brown
actor, dancer, producer, screenwriter, voice artist
Carmella Cardina Carmella Cardina + 1 Guests
director, producer, screenwriter
Kyle Sullivan Kyle Sullivan + 1 Guests
Kathi Carey Kathi Carey + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Patrick Wijsman Patrick Wijsman
Danny Manus Danny Manus
producer, script consultant, story analyst
Gary Sager Gary Sager
camera operator, musician, producer, screenwriter
Christopher L. Dockens Christopher L. Dockens
director, screenwriter
Amanda Brass Amanda Brass
actor, comedian, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

1st ever monthly Stage 32 Happy Writer's Meet Up!

Where: The Happy Ending
7038 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
Los Angeles, California
When: Saturday, July 16th
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! Bring your business card to enter into our raffle for a chance to win a FREE set of Development Notes or a script read + 30 minute call with the executive of your choice!
About the meetup

***Please note that meetup date has changed to Saturday 7/16/2016***

We are excited to announce the first monthly Stage 32 Happy Writer's meetup! Swing by and meet Stage 32 team members Erik and Matt, as well as your fellow writers!! Come have fun, be social and meet some great people!

Parking is on location!

Ester Lopez

Wish I could be there. Sounds like fun!

Victor Sunstar

Il be there but have to leave by 7:30 to catch bus to Red Line to Union Station and then on North to Lancaster on the last outbound train at 8:45 or face sitting up in UNION Station all nite :-(

Herb P Grinker

Erik, thank you for organizing this meet. I would really like to attend but I am not sure the 'join' tab working for me. Could you please include me in this meetup?

Rob Macon

I plan to attend. Need comedy writers for a half-hour sitcom.

Rob Macon

I plan to attend. Seeking comedy writers for half-hour sitcom titled, "LAUGHING @ HOOTERS."

D. Helene

Thanks for setting this up! Looking forward to it.

Jen Tousey

Looking forward to being there! I'm actively looking for new material to put into development for film!

Erik Grossman

Hey everyone! We're pushing the date back one week to Sat. July 16th! See you guys there, and don't forget to bring a business card for your chance to win free development notes!

Erik Grossman

I just modified the time - please take a look if you are planning to attend.

Michael Eric Ross

I'm there!

Steve Feld

Looking forward to it!

Erik Grossman

Hey Everyone! I just want to remind ya'll that the meet is next week :)

Sam Gasch

Sorry that I didn't make it. This is going to sound terrible, but my D&D game ran late and I didn't want to be the guy who rolled in two hours late. So I'm really sorry and I'll hopefully be able to go to the next one!

Erik Grossman

Never apologize for D&D!! This has actually moved to this Saturday so be sure to roll through!

Irina Sarnetskaya

I must miss it! Have a blast, everyone.

Dara Taylor

I'm pumped!

Erik Grossman

Me too!!

Kenny Parzych

Will try and make it, I'm new to this gig, but it sounds like a great opportunity. . .

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Be sure to take photos and tag #stage32rocks !

Erik Grossman

Thank you to everyone who showed up!! Can't wait for next month's meet up!

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