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38 Attendees

Andrew Farnsworth Andrew Farnsworth Organizer
film festival director
Peter Campbell Peter Campbell
actor, producer, screenwriter
James Crowe James Crowe + 1 Guests
assistant production office coordinator (apoc), cinematographer, filmmaker
Christina Binetti Christina Binetti + 2 Guests
Andrew M. A. Spear Andrew M. A. Spear
director, producer, screenwriter
Chiedu Nwazo Chiedu Nwazo
director, producer, screenwriter
Karan Dhillon Karan Dhillon + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director of photography, editor, steadicam operator
Linda Pinizzotto Linda Pinizzotto + 1 Guests
host/presenter, location scout
Dickson Johnson Dickson Johnson
actor, filmmaker
Eileen Samuel Eileen Samuel
other, playwright, screenwriter, singer
Myriam Nafte Myriam Nafte + 2 Guests
author, screenwriter
Richard Cole Richard Cole + 3 Guests
Eric Kingsbury Eric Kingsbury + 1 Guests
crew, director, director of photography, filmmaker, musician, photographer (still), screenwriter, script consultant, student
James Musselman James Musselman
Regan Brown Regan Brown + 1 Guests
actor, voice actor
Anant Mehta Anant Mehta + 1 Guests
actor, assistant director, director, director of photography, filmmaker, student
Cnrd Ti-en Cnrd Ti-en + 1 Guests
Dawna Marie Wright Dawna Marie Wright + 1 Guests
actor, editor, filmmaker, manager, producer, voice actor
Tibor Tibi Andris Halmai (Andy Halmay) Tibor Tibi Andris Halmai (Andy Halmay)
actor, author, director, music composer, producer, publisher, screenwriter
Charles Nunno Charles Nunno
actor, crew, grip, lighting designer
Allyson King Allyson King + 1 Guests
author, film festival director, filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

FREE Horror Toronto Short Film Festival

Where: Carlton Cinemas
20 Carlton Street
Toronto, Canada
When: Thursday, August 18th
7:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! Must RSVP on the program page to guarantee a seat
About the meetup

SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday August 18th. 7pm. Carlton Cinemas. Best of Horror/Thriller Short Films from all over the world.


RSVP your FEEDBACK Toronto Film Festival seats. FREE or make a donation to the festival. Anyone can come for FREE as we love to have you. See full details of every film being played. Discover the best of NEW short films from around the world:


We have a terrific lineup of films for our special 2016 event.. Amazing short films from UK, USA, Spain, France, and Canada.

This could be our best festival yet! You're going to love the films.

Giving you films from all corners of the world in different genres and formats.

NOTE: You can also RSVP our August 25th event too. Best of Family/Animation short films.

Due to the popularity of the festival, we will now be doing 2 events a month. So if you can't make one, you can make the other. Or, for example, if you don't like Family Films - you can attend the Horror Festival! Or, you can attend both festivals as we love to have you.

Bev Standing

Thanks for the invitation but I will be unable to attend. Perhaps another time.

Christina Binetti

Yay, really looking forward to this.

Andrew M. A. Spear

Look forward to watching some good scary shorts.

Francesco Puggioni

I am very honored of your invitation, but on this Sunday I'm going in Europe to work. I hope I'll have a new occasion. Thank you again. Best regards.

Deborah Goodwin

Very sorry but will be out of town. Pls think of me for the next one tho. Will do my best to attend that. Thx for the invite!

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hey Andrew, thanks for the invite... congratulations for doing this... that's fantastic. I can respond closer to the date... I also own Julie's Cuban Restaurant over on Dovercourt Rd... during Patio Season it's extremely busy. So I'm a 'maybe' for now. I found out yesterday that my crime/thriller screenplay "Stone Drive" placed as a semi finalist in the Stage 32 Screenplay Competition. Very happy about that. It also placed as a quarter finalist in 2016 Page Awards announced last month, top 10% of 6,300 entries...semis to be announced later this month... very excited with this one. Look forward to meeting you. I hosted 2 Stage 32 meetups last summer at Julie's... it was a blast.

Georges Saad

Hi Andrew, thank you for the invite. I won't be able to attend, congrats on the event and best of luck.

Myriam Nafte

Hi Andrew. Thank you for the invite. I'll be there

Linda Googh

Thanks Andrew I will be at my sons wedding in Colorado, best of luck, have fun!

Raey Ang

Thank you for the invite, Andrew! It is much appreciated. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend due to a prior commitment. Hope the festival goes smoothly!

Brian Walsh

Thanks for the invite Andrew. Unfortunately I can't make it but hopefully next time. :) Hope it goes great!

Diana Rowland

Wish I could be there - sounds like fun. I'm in Mexico so won't be able to make it but wish you "merde"

Tibor Tibi Andris Halmai (Andy Halmay)

Sounds very interesting. Thanks. See you on the 18th.

Yashowardhan Kauns

Hey Andrew, Thanks for the invite but unfortunately I won't be able to attend it. All the best!

Peter Campbell

Looking forward to it.

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