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170 Attendees

Sadie Dean Sadie Dean Organizer
director, producer, screenwriter
Alexander Sutton-Hough Alexander Sutton-Hough + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director of photography, filmmaker, motion graphic design, photographer (still), videographer
Jeff Lyons Jeff Lyons
author, screenwriter, script consultant
Dea Divi Dea Divi
actor, author, producer, screenwriter
Cristina Fabian Cristina Fabian + 1 Guests
hair stylist, makeup artist
accommodation specialist
Joy Bennett Joy Bennett + 1 Guests
Robert Destefano Robert Destefano
3d animator, colorist, director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Ben Gutteridge Ben Gutteridge + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Andrea Janakas Andrea Janakas + 1 Guests
Kelly Jo Brick Kelly Jo Brick
Paul Marshall Paul Marshall + 1 Guests
actor, musician, singer
Samantha Herman Samantha Herman + 1 Guests
business affairs consultant, entertainment attorney, producer, screenwriter
Jerzy F. Przybylski Jerzy F. Przybylski + 1 Guests
music composer
Nicholas Nathaniel Nicholas Nathaniel + 1 Guests
assistant director, director, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Jela Oba Okpara Jela Oba Okpara + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Jennifer WIlliams Jennifer WIlliams + 1 Guests
Darcey Rhoads Darcey Rhoads + 1 Guests
actor, comedian, content creator, voice artist
Ali Moussavi Ali Moussavi + 1 Guests
Miki Mootsey Miki Mootsey + 1 Guests
actor, comedian, playwright, screenwriter, theatrical producer
April Shih April Shih + 1 Guests
playwright, screenwriter
Porchea Carroll Porchea Carroll + 1 Guests
Diana DeVille Diana DeVille + 1 Guests
actor, assistant director, assistant production office coordinator (apoc), director, line producer, producer, production assistant, voice artist
Ken Sax Ken Sax + 2 Guests
camera operator, creative executive, director, photographer (still), producer
Kathi Carey Kathi Carey + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Grace Callahan Grace Callahan
house manager
Alex Helisek Alex Helisek + 2 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter, videographer
James WIlderHancock James WIlderHancock
producer, screenwriter
Vikie Collette Vikie Collette + 2 Guests
Stephen Pinkston Stephen Pinkston + 1 Guests
camera operator, director, director of photography, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter
Cherry Davis Cherry Davis
actor, comedian, host/presenter, photographer (still), voice artist
Sophia Louisa Lee Sophia Louisa Lee + 1 Guests
actor, screenwriter
Alessandro Marcon Alessandro Marcon
assistant director, assistant editor, cinematographer, crew, director, editor, filmmaker, first assistant camera, graphic designer, second assistant camera
Stacy Robin Stacy Robin + 1 Guests
music composer, musician, singer
Donica Makeup Artist Donica Makeup Artist + 1 Guests
makeup artist
Robert J. Atkinson Robert J. Atkinson
Tania Baker Tania Baker + 1 Guests
John Fantasia John Fantasia
actor, director, screenwriter
Jorel O'Dell Jorel O'Dell + 1 Guests
cinematographer, director, director of photography, screenwriter
Diana Osberg Diana Osberg
Elise Brent Elise Brent
Patrick Weil Patrick Weil + 1 Guests
William Archer William Archer
entertainment attorney
John Cade John Cade + 1 Guests
stunt coordinator
Ryan Philander Ryan Philander + 2 Guests
director, editor, filmmaker, screenwriter
Vadym Shapran Vadym Shapran + 1 Guests
art director, cinematographer, colorist, director, editor, filmmaker, post-production supervisor, producer, visual effects artist, visual effects supervisor
Katharine Densmore Katharine Densmore + 2 Guests
producer, screenwriter
Xiomara Bernard Xiomara Bernard
actor, filmmaker, voice actor
Jessica Dardarian Jessica Dardarian
actor, singer
Anthony W Johnson Anthony W Johnson
choreographer, creative executive, development coordinator, filmmaker, music composer, performance coach, playwright, screenwriter, songwriter, stage director, theatre director
Lauren Craig Lauren Craig
creative executive, director of development, producer, screenwriter, script consultant, story analyst
Bill Taub Bill Taub + 1 Guests
content creator, producer
Vivien Benjamin Villani Vivien Benjamin Villani + 3 Guests
music composer
Flynn Falcone Flynn Falcone + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Les Langs Les Langs + 2 Guests
Tomasz Mieczkowski Tomasz Mieczkowski
comedian, producer, screenwriter
Greg McDonald Greg McDonald + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Lisa McFadden Lisa McFadden + 1 Guests
Roger Lim Roger Lim + 1 Guests
T Gordon Stanley T Gordon Stanley + 1 Guests
Max Nikoff Max Nikoff
sound mixer
Jeffrey Gund Jeffrey Gund + 2 Guests
filmmaker, music composer, producer, sound designer
Jerome Cleary Jerome Cleary + 2 Guests
Marqus Bobesich Marqus Bobesich + 2 Guests
actor, comedian, screenwriter, voice artist
Marty Rosen Marty Rosen
Simren Lalani Simren Lalani + 1 Guests
Dara Taylor Dara Taylor
comedian, music composer
Yousif Nasr Yousif Nasr
director, producer, screenwriter
Cary Wayne Moore Cary Wayne Moore + 1 Guests
creative executive, producer, screenwriter
Phil Condit Phil Condit
animator, art director, casting director, cinematographer, director, director of photography, editor, filmmaker, graphic designer, photographer (still), producer, production designer, screenwriter, set builder, set decorator, set designer, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer
Pidge Jobst Pidge Jobst + 1 Guests
content creator, line producer, screenwriter
Herb Linsey Herb Linsey
line producer, producer, production manager
James Grant Goldin James Grant Goldin
author, director, playwright, screenwriter
Alphonso Tindall III Alphonso Tindall III + 1 Guests
Jon Harrison Taylor Jon Harrison Taylor + 1 Guests
actor, director, screenwriter
Audrey Genevieve Holland Audrey Genevieve Holland + 1 Guests
Kacper Skowron Kacper Skowron + 3 Guests
camera operator, cinematographer, director of photography
Danna Rosenthal Danna Rosenthal + 2 Guests
marketing/pr, screenwriter
Fabrice Jean Denise Boutique Fabrice Jean Denise Boutique
acting teacher, actor, casting director, performance coach, photographer (still), singer, songwriter, translator, voice artist
Zack Van Eyck Zack Van Eyck
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Jadolphus Fraser Jadolphus Fraser + 3 Guests
director, editor, producer
Christina Sibul Christina Sibul + 1 Guests
producer, script consultant
Judi Jordan Judi Jordan
author, screenwriter
Michael P. Mason Michael P. Mason + 1 Guests
director, editor, producer
Jackie Penn Jackie Penn + 1 Guests
Karen T Bolt Karen T Bolt + 2 Guests
producer, production coordinator
Nick Mathisen Nick Mathisen + 1 Guests
filmmaker, screenwriter
Gary T. McDonald Gary T. McDonald + 1 Guests
director, screenwriter
Vincent Paterno Vincent Paterno
Cathy Worthington Cathy Worthington + 1 Guests
Meeri de Oliveira Meeri de Oliveira + 2 Guests
actor, filmmaker, producer
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

5th Annual Stage 32 Holiday Party

Where: WeWork La Brea
925 N La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, California
When: Thursday, December 8th
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
About the meetup

Stage 32 Holiday Party + Celebration For Being Named Entrepreneur Magazine's Top Privately Held Companies of 2016


On behalf of the entire Stage 32 team, we'd like to invite you to our 5th Annual Holiday Party at We Work on LaBrea, 925 N. La Brea Ave., on December 8th.

This year, we'll not only be celebrating an incredible 2016, but also the recent recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine which named Stage 32 one of the top privately held companies in America.

So come join us for a night of cocktails, conversation and fun.  Drinks will be provided by Tito's Handmade Vodka, the official vodka of Stage 32! Plus holiday drinks provided by Leblon Cachaca!

December 8, 2016

21+ Over Only

6:30pm – 9pm

WeWork on LaBrea

925 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Matt O'Neill

Congrats on the wonderful recognition from entrepreneur magazine! Fantastic! Have a great time everyone! Wish I could make it but I'll be in Indianapolis. Hopefully be able to attend the next event.

Anthony W Johnson


Bill Taub

Well earned!!!!

Serita Stevens

Love to come. Please RSVP for Serita Stevens and Hank Tarlow!!

Pamela Shaddock

That's great, congrats on the recognition!

Shawn Dawes

Sorry to hear the event is full. Would've love to attend. Been a strong supporter of Stage 32.

Xiomara Bernard

I would be arriving a bit late from work, but I will be there!

Amanda Toney

I just modified the time - please take a look if you are planning to attend.

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