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46 Attendees

Erik Grossman Erik Grossman Organizer
James Grant Goldin James Grant Goldin
author, director, playwright, screenwriter
Dea Divi Dea Divi
actor, author, producer, screenwriter
Tad Israel Wojnicki Tad Israel Wojnicki
Tennyson Stead Tennyson Stead
director, producer, screenwriter
Grace Callahan Grace Callahan
house manager
Vivek Choudry Vivek Choudry
3d animator, screenwriter
Hannah Miyamoto Hannah Miyamoto
assistant director, producer, screenwriter
Meghan Frederico Meghan Frederico
Javier Ortiz Javier Ortiz
actor, filmmaker
Cory Baker Cory Baker
director, screenwriter, sound mixer
Shawn Speake Shawn Speake + 1 Guests
actor, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter, voice artist
Malek Haneen Malek Haneen
director, producer, screenwriter
Richard Vincent Rupp Richard Vincent Rupp + 1 Guests
Christopher Platt Christopher Platt
Alphonso Tindall III Alphonso Tindall III
Mario Garza Mario Garza + 1 Guests
filmmaker, screenwriter
Sonny Dyon Sonny Dyon
actor, director, host/presenter, playwright, producer, screenwriter, stage director, theatre director, voice artist
Stephen Foster Stephen Foster + 1 Guests
acting teacher, actor, screenwriter
Monnie Aleahmad Monnie Aleahmad
actor, content creator, director, filmmaker, illustrator, storyboard artist, voice actor
Serita Stevens Serita Stevens + 1 Guests
actor, producer, screenwriter, script consultant
Sonia Barrett Sonia Barrett + 1 Guests
author, filmmaker, marketing/pr, producer
Greg Jackson Greg Jackson
actor, director, filmmaker, musician, producer, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Mike Breen Mike Breen + 1 Guests
playwright, screenwriter
Herb Linsey Herb Linsey
line producer, producer, production manager
Heather Shep Heather Shep
Lynne Moses Lynne Moses
filmmaker, playwright, screenwriter
David Nolasco David Nolasco
Dan Gorski Dan Gorski
director, screenwriter
Roy Tunnell Roy Tunnell
director, producer, screenwriter
Nicole Lonero Nicole Lonero
crew, producer, screenwriter
Ciara Van Gheem Ciara Van Gheem + 1 Guests
screenwriter, singer
Djamel Bennecib Djamel Bennecib + 1 Guests
creative executive, director, screenwriter, script consultant, translator
Amanda Toney Amanda Toney
director of operations, manager, producer
Nick Mathisen Nick Mathisen + 1 Guests
filmmaker, screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Happy Writers Monthly Meetup!

Where: The Sycamore Tavern
7038 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Hollywood, California
When: Thursday, January 19th
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! We are in the back room! Bring your business card for a chance to win a FREE set of development notes from the executive of your choice!
About the meetup

Hello fellow Stage 32'ers! Join us for our first Stage 32 Happy Writers meetup of 2017! 

Join us at the wonderful Sycamore Tavern in Hollywoods! There's booze, food, and they have parking! In LA! Can you believe it?

Come meet myself and Matt from Stage 32, and your fellow writers. We'll dish about executives, pitching, movies, writing, and we'll even have a raffle where you can win a FREE set of development notes from the executive of your choice.

Bring a friend, come stag, or send a Roomba in your place. We'll laugh at it and call it names like "dusty". You get the picture.

See you there!

Seph Dietlin

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone there. In case there is a hazing ritual for newbies, I am looking forward to that part too.

Shawn Speake

Big Boss Films will be in the buildin'! Pook and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Malek Haneen

Look forward to networking with some other writer, producers!

Richard Vincent Rupp

Looking forward to meeting other writers. I an author looking to talk with screenwriters.

Sonny Dyon

Psyched to meet some folks, thanks to Vivek for inviting me!

Amanda Toney

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Erik Grossman

Looking forward to meeting ya'll there tomorrow!

Amanda Toney

I'll bring some Stage 32 swag for everyone!

Erik Grossman

We are in the back room!

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