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No Official Meeting - we must develop the group first

Where: somewhere
Walnut Creek, California
When: Wednesday, February 22nd
11:00PM -
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Note! just email me to start a dialogue! apitzler@castlecompanies.com
About the meetup

Just email me and we'll start a dialogue about the first tangible meetup day! apitzler@castlecompanies.com

About the group

Hello! I'm Adam. I am a legit screenwriter and filmmaker living in the East Bay. 

I am looking to form a solid group of REALLY MOTIVATED filmmakers and techs. Maybe 7-12 "behind-the-scenes" people to produce roughly 1 short film per month (5-8 minutes long). I want to establish a core group of people that are excited about production, creative, and RELIABLE that can email and meet a couple times per month, to write, plan, produce short films that I will enter into film festivals and contests. In hopes of gaining traction on one of our shorts, or making new connections for us to work with.

Short films are about the best way to get reps in the industry, meet new people, and to put your name out there without spending too long on any 1 project. I firmly believe in this approach. 

I am a team-oriented guy, and my accomplishments were only due to the awesome people I had around me. I moved to the East Bay, and now I'm looking to be creative and ACTUALLY PRODUCE GOOD SHORT FILMS with local talented folks. I want to develop this group to help each other be more productive. Many hands make light work. 

I am looking for people with the following skills/equipment:

-1 to 4 more directors (with experience)
-1 to 4 more screenwriters (who can write new material quickly)
-1 to 4 more producers, who can help with the production and admin of these affairs
-1 to 4 experienced editors who can help in post-production
-1 to 4 sound, lighting, techie types who want to get in the ground floor of something awesome.
-1 to 2 Special Effects persons (nothing too crazy or expensive will be needed)
-Also anyone interested in film makeup, costuming, or anything else backstage can contact me. There is a place for you too!
-If you have enthusiasm, but no real experience, you will need to start as a PA, or as an assistant producer. But those roles graduate up, too.

*Right now, I am not collecting actors. That will come after we have this group established and our first project is on the ready. 

Making movies is a blast. But I want to make good movies, too. I'm not too interested in "messing around with a camera." This group will be far beyond that level. We will have tight scripts, quality actors, firm production schedules, and a core of members that can help facilitate all of this. I have done this before in another state, and it really is a great time to be had by all (once the core group is clicking).

I have made 1 feature and several shorts over my career, that can be checked out at www.adampitzler.com (if you are interested). My self-produced feature film MANHANDLERS went to 6 film festivals last year, winning the BEST FEATURE COMEDY AWARD twice! I am also a Top Tier member of the screenwriting group based in LA, called Roadmap Writers. I have pitched REAL PRODUCERS in LA, had script requests and meetings (but no sales yet).

I tell you this because I am not messing around. So many filmmaker meetups and groups take people from all levels of experience, and they are primarily interested in "having a fun Saturday." That's not what this is. I want to have fun because we're making an awesome short -- not because I think holding a camera is cool (even though it is). 

Anyway, if you are serious about taking the next step with your filmmaking career in 2017, reach out. No fees or obligations. I'm just trying to form the right group of awesome creative people. 

Email me and we can start a dialogue!  apitzler@castlecompanies.com

Adam J Pitzler, M.B.A.

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