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The Art of Active Networking Kansas City, February 21st

Where: Berg Event Space
1525 Grand Blvd., Kansas City Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
When: Sunday, March 26th
8:00PM -
2 Members  |  118 Meetups
Note! Enter in the rear of the building behind SoT Bar
About the meetup

Tickets and details are here: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetwo... 

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great, Be Giving!

-Mark E. Sackett

Director / Public Speaker

MobileConnect with Mark at: 415-602-9500  

About the group

We are a groups of artists, film makers, designers, musicians, bankers, health professionals, attorneys, business leaders and others from the Startup, Entrepreneur and Founder community! We do our events nationwide and Mark E. Sackett member here and founder is a Kansas City native. Our events are held every 8 weeks in Kansas City! This is the most unique networking event you can attend. Check out our site and what people have said about our events: Scroll down on the homepage and also watch our TEDx Talk!

This is a group dedicated to helping each of it's members do better. While we are not exclusively for the entertainment business, we have thousands of members worldwide who are members because Mark E. Sackett our founder is a Designer, Director, Producer and Art Director for Film, Music, Television and Advertising. We beleive that by helping others we grow powerful and sustainable relationships. Mark knows that we work with those we know, like and trust, yet this business is about long casting lines, sending endless headshots and using our fingers crossed mentality to connect for an opportunity. But having powerful relationships is so much more critical to success.

We do these events monthly in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, Orange County, 4 to 6 times a year in Vancouver, Kansas City and select other cities as we are invited.

Take a look at our Website and join us in your city.

Tickets are 20$ online and 30$ cash as the door. This charge is only to cover venue and overhead costs and the events are between 35-135 people maximum! Mark makes sure you meet every person in the room and personally attends all events to ensure that!

Questions? Call Mark anytime at 415-602-9500

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