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We will be gathering in the conference room at the Iron Mountain Econolodge.  Feel free to bring any samples of your work, ideas for projects and materials for note taking.  We're focusing in on the surrounding areas to Iron Mountain, but anyone is welcome from where ever as we are building a global network.

Reynoldsburg Annual Meetup
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Annual Meetup

Meet other stage 32 people in the entertainment business. Learn, inspire, network.

Pitman SJS Creators Kaizen
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SJS Creators Kaizen

The creative process is a labyrinth of mistakes, lessons, questions, and small victories that add up over time. The Creative Kaizen is an open forum to brainstorm your writing projects and help others with theirs. Why struggle alone when you can excel in solidarity with a group? Join Assistant Organizer Stephen Lombardo at the bi-monthly Creators Kaizen from 6:30-8:30pm at the McCowan Memorial Library.

Los Angeles Creative Gratitude Workshop
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Creative Gratitude Workshop

Experience the freeing & transformative  effects Gratitude & Abundance have on creativity, life balances and your daily perspective in this two-day virtual workshop. Everything takes place in a Zoom room (kinda like skype for groups). I'll lead you through self-exploring writing and drawing exercises, discussions, affirmations, supportive and normalizing guidance and Guided Meditations equipped with mind sculpting, all geared to quiet the noise, find your unique magic and place of truth and provide you with lots of tools you can keep using on your own in your day-to-day life. With the gentle touch of Kaizen, the wisdom of Intuition and the help of a few Muses, epiphanies are gauranteed! For testimonials & to join click here ---->  http://www.creativeaimcoaching...

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WHY DO YOU NETWORK? Like most people, are you bad at networking or nervous about walking into a roomful of strangers? Do you often wonder why no one returns your calls or follows up with you after a "Networking Event"? Join us in any of our cities for "The Art of Active Networking", and let's change everything you believe about Networking! We’ll show you how to build powerful relationships through giving using our method of #MyGive4 The Art of Active Networking is a worldwide networking group 100% focused on helping you to do better by asking the question, "How can I help you do better right now?” We recognize that every single person on this planet has two things that are universally common to each other: 1. We are all of the same race...the Human Race! 2. That as humans we all struggle with something!  At this event you will make some amazing connections and you will learn why Networking is not about what you get, but what you give and what I call my #MyGive4. You really only need to meet one person to make your entire night worthwhile if you know what you are doing. You will have an opportunity to speak to everyone in the room, and you will absolutely meet people you might otherwise never have an opportunity to meet and you will see that's it's not what you are selling or how you sell it that matters. Instead, learn the importance of building 'know, like and trust' relationships! With that in mind we ask that you consider helping yourself and each other with those struggles by attending our events and sharing yourself and your knowledge, and practicing what we call #MYGIVE4 where we ask each of you to consider helping others for 4 hours a week in the following 4 ways.  1. GIVE of your ideas and talent freely! Share your vast life experience to help another. 2. GIVE of your time! Volunteer! Help a neighbor with a chose, carry someones groceries, volunteers at a soup kitchen or for a non-profit! 3. GIVE of your money! I'm not asking for your fortune, even 25 cents in a hat or 5 dollars to a crowdfunding campaign or in the basket at church can go a long way to someone struggling. 4. GIVE of your network through referrals! I now folks, you know folks, and the way we really do business is by building “Know, like and trust” based relationships! If I refer you and someone knows, likes and trusts the person, they will call you back or offer help when referred. So use these 4 ways of giving and put in 4 hours a week of effort and watch your life get better. Watch the people who come into your life get better. Watch all the good you do with #MYGIVE4 and hashtag your good deeds while you share them to inspire others! Come see why over 15,000 people have attended in 5 countries and 17 cities worldwide! Tickets are 20$ on-line on our site until 6:15pm the day of the event and 30$ cash at the door until 7:15pm. Each event typically ends about 9:45pm! You must purchase a ticket online in advance to get the 20$ pricing.  You are then invited to join all of our groups and pages and use our FREE walls to post up what you might be looking for, all of those links are on our homepage near the ticket link. Finally, this is 100 percent privately funded by Mark E. Sackett our founder. In order to expand it and keep it going he’s launched a Crowdrise Campaign to help. Take a look, and if you feel like you can give a bit, we’d really appreciate your consideration and kindness:  Join our social media pages on the links on our site, follow our Twitter and Instagram's and let’s work together to help each other. We’re here to help you do better, right now! Our Mantra: "The power of us all working together is so much greater than anything each of us can accomplish on our own."  Call Mark E. Sackett with any questions at all: (415) 602-9500. BE WELL, BE CREATIVE, BE GREAT, BE GIVING! Mark E. Sackett  Tickets:  Instagram: Twitter: Connect with me:

İstanbul Speed Networking and Film Marketing Event

Speed Networking and Film Marketing Event

Hello...This time we will talk about how to market a film. How to evaluate your film?Positioning the film and defining its place on the market or festivalwise.How to breakdown your film,its potential and threats. The aim for this event is to Kill your Darlings,and know your projects more honestly for your self and get tips for marketing your film!!! From 14:15 to 15:15 depending the number of attendants there will be a speed networking event for 5 minutes per person to get to know each other more.After 15:15 we will focus on how to breadown our project to positon our film and talk about effective marketing tips. This event is also will be open to my other networks and also NOTE : There will be a small fee around 15-20 TL  for this event including tea/coffee and rental of amenities etc we will be around 20-30 people from my other networks

Toronto FREE or PWYL event - Best of ACTION/THRILLER Short Fest

FREE or PWYL event - Best of ACTION/THRILLER Short Fest

SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday February 23rd. 7pm. Carlton Cinemas. A showcase of the best of ACTION/CRIME/THRILLER short films from the last year. Films from Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, UK, and Canada. Action packed films! Suspense films! High budget short films! See the full program and full details of all of the films. Get your tickets on the program page. You can come for FREE or make a donation on the night. Or, you can RSVP on the program page and make a donation via paypal or credit card.Giving you films from all corners of the world in different genres and formats. RSVP your Festival passes for the 2017 season for only $40. 20 festival dates scheduled in Toronto.

Walnut Creek No Official Meeting - we must develop the group first
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No Official Meeting - we must develop the group first

Just email me and we'll start a dialogue about the first tangible meetup day!

Petaluma Looking to start a Screenwriters group
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Looking to start a Screenwriters group

I have hosted a weekly screenwriters group before. Looking to start another one in Petaluma ca. message me if interested

Pitman SJS Creative Craft Lecture- The Artist's Way
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SJS Creative Craft Lecture- The Artist's Way

Please join us on Tuesday February 21 from 7-9pm at the McCowan Memorial Library in Pitman, NJ. From 7:00-7:30pm, you can network with your fellow screenwriters and filmmakers. Then at 7:30pm, the craft lecture will begin on The Artist's Way. Now in its 10th edition, The Artist's Way is the international bestselling book by Julia Cameron which has inspired millions of artists around the world. Considered one of the preeminent books on creativity, The Artist's Way has created countless artist support groups that many describe as empowering and life changing. Learn more about the The Artist's Way and how it can help you unleash your creativity. If enough members are interested, we will start an Artist's Way subgroup. After the lecture there will be time for Q&A.

Mumbai All those who are on STAGE32 and want to Network

All those who are on STAGE32 and want to Network

All those who are on STAGE32 and want to Network ( support each other ) Lets meet at :  CAFE COFFEE DAY - SHOPPERS STOP,211/D, S.V.Road, ANDHERI (west),Pin code 400058 It is a Free event.You order your own dishes from the Cafe and pay your own Agenda : to support each other in their Artistic endeavours Cheers ! Warm regards Sanjay Banerjee /84465 25000

North Charleston Film talk- everyone welcome
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Film talk- everyone welcome

filmmakers,actors,and creatives of all types welcomeAn opportunity to network with other local passionate people that love film.

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