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Mike Magilnick

Watching Earth Productions
Cinematographer, Gaffer/lighting Technician and Colorist

Newtown, Connecticut

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  • Pitching Tents

    Pitching Tents (2016)
    Film by Jacob Cooney (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department In a working-class town in 1984, a high school senior's future creates a tug-of-war between his no-nonsense father and his crackpot guidance counselor until an encounter with a goddess helps him uncover his true destiny.

  • Finding London

    Finding London (2016)
    Film by Cory Santilli (Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer, Editorial department In this world filled with uncertainty, Lyle and his friends embody the unsure spirits of recent college graduates. They decide to take the summer to rediscover themselves before having to say "au revoir" to all of their hopes and "hello" to mediocrity. Written by anonymous

  • Tobacco Jack

    Tobacco Jack (2015)
    Film by Marc Dube (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department A legendary figure brings terror to Tall Root County when twenty-two people disappear within the shadow hills. Nearly three decades later, people are disappearing once again. Lauren Abrams, a young, ambitious reporter and a dark, eclectic man are determined to uncover the truth behind the unsolved mystery, but in doing so they reveal the horrific evil of Tobacco Jack. Written by Aaron Thomas Howell

  • Pinwheel

    Pinwheel (2015)
    Film by Daniel Dahlstrom (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department A decade after her mother's murder, Riley Canterbury must return home, after her neglectful, carnival owner father has gone missing. She soon realizes things in this small New England town are much stranger and sinister than she remembered. 10 years after the gruesome murder of her mother, Riley, now 25, is barely skating by in her run down Los Angeles apartment. Upon receiving word that her father, Ethan, to whom she's barely spoken since he sent her off to boarding school, has gone missing, she packs her bags and heads back to the farm she grew up on. Upon her return, she reconnects with Eric, a boyfriend from her early teens, and touchstone to the childhood she left behind. On the farm, Uncle Jacob is boarding Jonathan, a university professor on sabbatical to chronicle the history of the Canterbury Carnival, as well as, six of the carnival's performers, living in the barn as they prepared to go on the road again. As Riley reacquaints herself with her surroundings, the mysterious, ... Written by Andy Rogala

  • The Getter

    The Getter (2015)
    Film by Jacob Cooney (Action) Camera and Electrical Department When a 9 year old child prodigy is kidnapped and held hostage by international human traffickers, the head of Protective Services, Inc. (Tom Sizemore) is hired to track down the bad guys, retrieve her and dispose of the criminals any way he sees fit. Written by SEG

  • Words Are Weapons: Anti-Bullying PSA

    Words Are Weapons: Anti-Bullying PSA (2015)
    Film (short) by John Collins Murphy Camera and Electrical Department, Cinematographer How words can scar a person, both emotionally and physically. As the same time, words can also heal those scars.

  • The Claim

    The Claim (2015)
    Film (short) by Michael Shove (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Several co-workers out at a bar for the holiday, must solve, with the help of a cop, who killed their boss in the men's room.

  • HBO's Project Greenlight Finalist: Winning Entry

    HBO's Project Greenlight Finalist: Winning Entry (2015)
    Film (short) by Jason Mann (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department In this comedy written by the Farrelly Brothers & directed by the winning candidate Jason Mann, a group friends attempt to facilitate Ricky's loneliness in ways that lack subtlety.

  • Grandpa's Psycho

    Grandpa's Psycho (2015)
    Film by Danny LeGare (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man's need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly contradicts the devotion he has for his granddaughter. Tension builds as we discover secrets surrounding the psychotic behavior of this quaint god fearing little town. Written by Blackhole staff

  • Foster

    Foster (2015)
    Television by Harold Bridgeforth (Action and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A man sets out on a quest for the truth, after he is confronted with a past life that causes him to question everything and everyone around him.

  • Marcus & the Dead Pet

    Marcus & the Dead Pet (2015)
    Film (short) by Cory Santilli (Comedy) Cinematographer

  • Mr Ready

    Mr Ready (2015)
    Film (short) by John Galvin (Family) Cinematographer It's 'Mr Rogers' meets 'The Real World' as this Short shows definitively that kids don't come with an owners manual! When Albert's time comes to take over Mom's shift as the 'Man of the House' for their six year old, he quickly finds himself dealing with the one thing that matters most...to his son. What will he do? Is he 'Ready' for the job? Discover with him what happens when he falls back on the same analogy his Father used on him, all those years ago, on the next generation!

  • Room for One More

    Room for One More (2015)
    Film (short) by John Galvin (Horror) Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Writer, Casting director

  • Dîner à Montpellier

    Dîner à Montpellier (2015)
    Film (short) by Cory Santilli (Drama) Cinematographer When Jolene finds a wallet in her dance studio she discovers that its owner may not be the man he appears to be.

  • The Cobblestone Corridor

    The Cobblestone Corridor (2015)
    Film (short) by Erik C. Bloomquist (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Cinematographer, Editorial department, Producer, Visual effects Allan Archer didn't think much when a long-serving teacher at Alfred Pierce Preparatory school was fired for selling drugs to students. But when a pushy dame insists there's more to this case than meets the eye, the hardboiled Editor of the newspaper club must find the truth before it's too late. Written by Joe Morgan, "The Book, The Film, The T-Shirt"

  • Chaser Eight: I Wanna Die

    Chaser Eight: I Wanna Die (2015)
    Film (short) by David Sikora (Drama and Music) Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Writer, Director Audra is in a stable relationship. One evening she and her boyfriend are out and she meets another man. They instantly notice each other and are severely attracted to one another. We follow them through the feeling of excitement and temptation and the rush they get from doing something that is so wrong that it wants to make you die, but live in that moment. But how long can a relationship built on the thrill of the chase and the temptation of human urges and craving last.

  • Blue Line

    Blue Line (2015)
    Film by Jacob Cooney (Action and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A woman and her best friend go on a crime spree to rob her husband and escape her marriage.

  • Sensory Perception

    Sensory Perception (2015)
    Film by Alessandro Signore (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Jeremy, a recovering drug addict, still drowns himself in absinthe. And now he's seeing visions of the end of mankind. Are they hallucinations? Are they a message? And what do they have to do with the serial killer stalking Brass City? Jeremy struggles to believes he's found a purpose larger than himself and his addictions. Written by Russ Martin/Alessandro Signore

  • Powdered Noses

    Powdered Noses (2015)
    Film (short) by Kody Fraser (Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer, Editorial department Two unassuming suburban housewives may not be all they appear to be.

  • The Clearing

    The Clearing (2014)
    Film (short) by Antonio C. Esposito (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A brother and sister, while riding their bikes through the countryside, suddenly stop when the brother hears a call from the field of tall grass.

  • The Reluctant Detective

    The Reluctant Detective (2014)
    Film by Christopher S. Lombardi (Comedy, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department, Editorial department, Visual effects, Production manager 'The Reluctant Detective' revolves around Bennett Stephens, a well-known television actor on a popular Cable-TV crime show. While on vacation, Bennett gets entangled, with the insistence of his wife Kelly, in trying to solve a double homicide. Along the way Bennett meets many friends, foes and colorful characters. Bennett is assisted not only by his wife, but by his new friend Fish, a street wise but gentle hearted gangster, who is also visiting the town on vacation. Bennett must rise to the challenge of trying to crack the case! Written by Anonymous

  • Brighter....Brightest

    Brighter....Brightest (2014)
    Film (short) by John Galvin (Musical) Camera and Electrical Department An argument from the 'minds eye' point of view within the person who knows that he is in the wrong, and the subconscious that is telling him to do the right thing.

  • The Last of Us Fan Film Part 3

    The Last of Us Fan Film Part 3 (2014)
    Film (short) by Sy Cody White (Action, Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department, Visual effects, Sound department After many hardships and a personal bond between them, Joel and Ellie finally make it to the Fireflies.

  • Victor

    Victor (2014)
    Film (short) by Megan McCauley (Drama) Cinematographer, Editor An analysis of Victor Frankenstien's psychological state and how that lead to the creation of his monster.

  • The City at Night

    The City at Night (2014)
    Film (short) by Cory Santilli (Drama) Cinematographer

  • Bert and Arnie's Guide to Friendship

    Bert and Arnie's Guide to Friendship (2013)
    Film by Jeff Kaplan (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Bert and Arnie's Guide to Friendship follows the romantic misadventures of Bert Sheering, a sophisticated, yet sexually repressed author and Arnie Hubert, an executive and unabashed ladies man. When Bert discovers that Arnie is sleeping with his wife, this modern day odd couple are launched into a journey filled with comedy, romance and ultimately, friendship. Written by Sal Irizarry

  • An Inappropriate Affect

    An Inappropriate Affect (2013)
    Film by Russ Martin (Mystery and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Sgt. Tom Schmidt is waiting to come home from the Iraq War. But first, he has to get through the Elm County Hospital Physical Therapy Program to relearn how to walk again. Elm County's Physical Therapy Department is good, but it is really famous for its mental health center, and the doctor's seem intent to capitalize on Tom's newfound celebrity from the Falujah torture case that put him in his wheelchair and made headlines around the world. Tom is forced to play their game in order to regain his freedom, but finds there is something more sinister at play. Written by R. Martin

  • The Last Rung on the Ladder

    The Last Rung on the Ladder (2012)
    Film (short) by Lucas Stewart (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department, Editor, Producer Larry is one of the most respected corporate lawyers in the country. You might say he has everything in life one could want - except everything that one needs. He shares his life with nobody and has saturated himself into his work to the point where it is his world. When his sister, Katrina, falls victim to circumstances of life, he is nowhere to be found. The Last Rung On The Ladder is a story about loss and regret. Written by Anonymous

  • Are You with Me?

    Are You with Me? (2011)
    Film (short) by Greg Scott Cody (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department, Editorial department, Miscellaneous Crew The emotional journey of a divorce. You are taken into a room with Zach and Alyssa while a judge aids in the division of assets between the young couple who cannot seem to work their marriage out. While glancing through files, Zach comes across a photo taken by the two that brings heart-warming memories flooding back to him. Zach's mind is taken hostage by the great memories he shared with his soon to be ex-wife and the judge must continuously reel him back to reality. As the proceedings continue, the possibility of pregnancy may have the power to save this relationship. Written by Anonymous

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