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The Stage 32 Writers' Room is a community of screenwriters, serious about their craft and pursuing a life in the industry, who gather weekly online for inspiring and educational webcasts. Each week, our Stage 32 writing team and industry executives will provide you with a wide variety of actionable information designed not only to help your writing, but to assist in navigating this increasingly complicated business.

Writers' Room webcasts are available live and on-demand. You can interact and build relationships with writers, staff and execs live on camera and through chat, or catch the recording anytime in the Writers' Room Vault on-demand!

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We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast.

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Working executives and you! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus Q&A's

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Let's get you writing! Challenges, table reads, and analysis. Write more, improve with ease.

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A screenwriting newsletter designed to inspire, educate and keep you informed of industry news

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Exclusive to you, learn the ins and outs of the craft & business with Producer Jason Mirch

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  • This session was incredibly valuable, since I had the chance to see a variety of pitches in action, and the reactions in the room, to help me better understand what to tackle next in my revision process.

    - Angie Walls

  • Stage 32 presentations are genius at covering what is important and doing so in a way that is inspiring.
    I couldn't ask for more.

    - Crispin Littlehales

  • I appreciate the clarity, honesty and overall inspirational tone of the webcasts that you guys provide.
    I always leave feeling a little smarter, and slightly less terrified:)

    - Denise DaVinci

  • Alan and Nick are great.
    A weekly creative meeting is so motivating as a writer.

    - Holly Jurbergs

  • Just keep it coming guys. I’m so happy to be invited to the Writer’s Room. I truly (finally) feel like I might have a shot in this industry. I’m writing every night after work until 11:00 (or later). Thanks x a billion.

    - Sarah Hutchinson

  • Our hosts are outstanding! Couldn’t ask for better mentors!
    I felt it was an incredibly important experience and crucial to further my writing ability.

    - Kimberly Evans

  • Allen did a great job, he was prepared, had perfect visual reference of script and screen. And is the only person I've ever seen correctly cover idiosyncrasies such as spacing and punctuation for cadence.

    - Laurie Ashbourne

  • While pitching last night, it felt like I had two people already in my corner (RB and Allen) which allowed me to go off book and relax. I felt I could open up with Brad more than I would have if it were just a one on one pitch session.

    - Michael Rogers

  • I loved the 'table read' for so many reasons. It makes participation less awkward, along with all the typical benefits of hearing your work read aloud. I will definitely apply all the tips. So excited for the next one!

    - Petula Miller

  • Loved the enthusiasm of the presenter, who painted a clear picture.
    I got a lot out of it, especially understanding the difference between managers and agents.

    - Christel Janssen

  • I'm grateful for all the sensible and well-grounded feedback that were given so benevolently.
    They will definitely put me on the right track. I realise how lucky I am. Again, a million thanks.

    - Suzanne Lutas

  • Sharp presentation, clarity of thought and the message was well received.
    Good job on Action scene selection. Great work Allen and Stage 32.

    - Tiago Ferreira

Upcoming Webcast Schedule

Screenwriting Plans

Breakdown Webcast

ON CREATING WORLD/RULES - Game of Thrones, Wind River, Peaky Blinders, The Matrix

Wed, Nov 7 - 4:00PM PDT

There's a fine line between introducing a writer to a new world or ruleset and spouting exposition. We’ll break down how writers created the fantasy world of “Game of Thrones”, the frigid winter of WIND RIVER, and the 1919 England of "Peaky Blinders".

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast

November Pitch Tank

Wed, Nov 14 - 4:00PM PDT

In a lively session, writers and/or executives will listen to live pitches and read some written ones as well to help educate the Writers' Room screenwriters on what's working and what's not with a particular pitch

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast

NICHOLAS ROTH - Screenwriter (Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, American Housewife, Hanky Panky)

Tue, Nov 20 - 4:00PM PDT

Spending his days in US writers rooms & nights working on Chinese films and TV, Writer & Producer Nick Roth has a history of finding unique opportunities to write screenplays. We'll discuss writing in different markets, industry trends, & more + a Q/A!

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast

A TESTAMENT TO CHARACTER - Subtext, Nuance, Character

Wed, Oct 24 - 4:00PM PDT

They say not to speak ill of the dead. What about when the dead speak ill of you? We're challenging you to deftly write a 3 p. scene conveying the nuances of character reactions to getting called out for being exactly who they are, but wish they weren't.

Last Webcasts

Screenwriting Plans

Breakdown Webcast

ON HORROR/TENSION - The Babadook, It, The Walking Dead

Writers can't rely on jump-scares and creepy music, so how do screenwriters create tension on the page? We'll take a look at needling suspense of THE BABADOOK, the apocalyptic horror of “The Walking Dead”, and the creeps and chills of IT.

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast

Guest Judge Sam Schifrien

Rosey TV Development Executive, Sam Schifrien, joins our Panel as we listen and read your pitches live to help educate the Writers' Room screenwriters on what is and isn't working in their pitch.

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast

SPENCER ROBINSON - Manager, Art/Work Entertainment

Art/Work Manager Spencer Robinson will discuss the differences between managers and agents, how to grab a manager's attention, working with a manager and what he currently is seeing in the industry. Live Q&A to follow!

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast

ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING - Dialogue, Character, Emotion

One of the common complaints with scripts is on-the-nose writing. This month, we're challenging you to convey a series of emotions without using the actual words (or synonyms - no cheating!).

Your October Write Now Challenge

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They say not to speak ill of the dead, but what happens when the dead speak ill of you?
Write a scene in 4 pages or less depicting a lawyer reading a last living will and testament. The first dialogue in your scene must begin "To my unfaithful wife..."
You should focus on conveying the nuances of character reactions to getting called out for being exactly who they are, but wish they weren't. Good characters have their own voice and will react uniquely to being called out.
Send your completed submission as a PDF to with the subject: "Write Now Submission" by Sunday, October 21st!
On Wednesday, October 24th, we'll read and break down some of the best submissions received from our writers and discuss best practices on how to break through the sticking points associated with the challenge.