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Your home for screenwriting education, inspiration, and community

The Stage 32 Writers' Room is a community of screenwriters, serious about their craft and pursuing a life in the industry, who gather weekly online for inspiring and educational webcasts. Each week, our Stage 32 writing team and industry executives will provide you with a wide variety of actionable information designed not only to help your writing, but to assist in navigating this increasingly complicated business.

Writers' Room webcasts are available live and on-demand. You can interact and build relationships with writers, staff and execs live on camera and through chat, or catch the recording anytime in the Writers' Room Vault on-demand!

Writers' Room members also receive other amazing perks including 10% off all Stage 32 coverage and consulting services, contests entries and writing labs!

Upcoming Webcast Schedule

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Breakdown Webcast - Learn from the Masters

We breakdown produced screenplays focusing on a different aspect of writing every webcast.

Next Webcast: Wed, Jan 2 - 4:00PM PST

ON CHARACTER INTROS - Star Wars, Fargo, West Wing, Parks & Rec...

Great Characters should have Great Introductions. Join us as we breakdown how characters are introduced in features and TV scripts including Star Wars, Fargo, West Wing, Parks & Rec, and more!

Screenwriting Plans

Pitch Tank Webcast - Improve Your Pitching

Learn to be better in the room. Writers pitch, experts break them down and offer feedback.

Next Webcast: Wed, Jan 9 - 4:00PM PST

January Pitch Tank

In a lively session, writers and/or executives will listen to live pitches and read some written ones as well to help educate the Writers' Room screenwriters on what's working and what's not with a particular pitch

Screenwriting Plans

Executive Hour Webcast - Industry Advice from Industry Pros

Working executives and you! Timely, actionable and accurate advice, plus Q&A's

Next Webcast: Wed, Dec 19 - 4:00PM PST

Guest Will Be Announced Soon

Check back soon for more information about December's guest executive.

Screenwriting Plans

Write Now Webcast - Develop Your Craft

Let's get you writing! Challenges, table reads, and analysis. Write more, improve with ease.

Next Webcast: Thu, Dec 27 - 4:00PM PST

NO DEAD RINGERS - Dialogue, Character, Voice

A reader should be able to tell your characters apart without anything more than their dialogue. We're challenging you to writer a scene with 4 characters react to a situation and are distinguishable by their dialogue alone.

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