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Gasper Dsouza

Getting projects as a new freelancer

I'm new to the freelance editing world and hope some of you here would have some advice. Thus far in my career, I've been editing features I've researched and shot myself (pretty much a solo VJ work). I've enjoyed it but of late I've found myself drawn towards the art of editing and would now like to concentrate on this aspect of filmmaking. I've invested in some good courses too on the art of editing. Question is, how does one go about getting editing projects - especially in documentary? Who do I approach and how? I'm based in Goa, India. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Matt Yaple

Hey man, welcome to the wonderful/scary/stressful/definitely worth it world of freelance editing! I started by signing up to sites like,, and taking any job I could get. You have to start out working for next to nothing, just so you can get a few good reviews on your profile(s) and then begin raising your rates. I'm currently working for the YouTube channel "Wacky Wednesday" ( editing 3-4 videos per week. I met this client by doing a $30 custom gig on Fiverr, and after a while he came back with an offer to work on his YouTube channel. You never know where these things will lead! Hopefully this helps! :-)

Gasper Dsouza

Thanks Matt, appreciate the reply and site links. Will give them a try. Had never promoted myself for just editing before. Its always been shooting and editing features (see: Now that I want to concentrate on just the post production aspect didn't quite know how to secure projects. I'll certainly try your site links. Thanks!

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

Craigslist. I know what that sounds like but I'm a full time editor at a company becuase of it. I did several freelance jobs before I got hired from Craigslist too.

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