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James Hammer

Projects and Dreams

Hey Transmedia Freaks! I haven't posted here in a while... been busy with some business developments. I feel as though the people who are connected to this forum are the future of storytelling in many ways... so, what's the future look like, my friends? What projects are we pioneering? What dreams of collaboration are we pursuing? My priority one project is a transmedia graphic novel... Zombie genre... different than anything that's out there. So far, it's development has me planning for a ten-minute animated short; a six-issue release of the published content with short, live-action "video transmissions" released with each issue; a feature-length, live action film adaptation; a mobile app; and a video game that follows a different story line until it joins the graphic novel plot about a third of the way in. Where am I now? Initial artwork has to be revised. I've submitted a proposal for funding from investors and I'm waiting on a response before I can move forward. All the pieces (or the relationships to initiate each of the pieces) are in place and waiting on the funding. What is going on with your projects/collaborations right now? Where are you in process? Hammer

Elaine Wood

James it sounds great. I love the zombie genre. How are you planning to market your idea? To me, the launch is the trickiest piece of the puzzle. I'm just in the concept phase of designing a way to launch a ghost story web series that would play across multiple platforms. Also, I am trying to develop something cool to launch a boy band that already has a good niche following.

James Hammer

Hey Elaine! Great to Meet you! Once our investment funds are in place, I plan on launching into collaboration with several entities that are on the cutting edge of transmedia content development. I'm sure we'll work on developing a well thought out strategy for marketing the franchise... What I'm thinking off the top of my head is that we'll develop the ten minute short and do what we needed to make it go viral after release. It introduces us to the world of CIVILIVED but doesn't reveal the main plot line. The next step would be simultaneous development of the first issue along with some kind of gamification that we can release along the same timeline. The live video "transmissions" would release with each issue as well. We have the first two issues completely scripted, we're just waiting on that financial backing. I'd love to hear more about the boy band launch... my business partner is a music genius and is working with a band in Vancouver at the moment. We are working on a huge concert tour this summer, and we'll be solidifying our record label in the next few weeks. We're specializing in international talent and exposure. We should talk more about this via message or email... you can reach me at Thanks!

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