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Daniel Bittner

Question: How are you using St…

Question: How are you using Stage32 to network? Do you find it a better tool than Facebook? Still trying to get the hang of it.

Jasmine McAtee

I don't much use Facebook, at least not from a networking angle. I rarely log in as is. Twitter and Tumblr have been more my thing lately. When I'm ready to announce a project I'm sure Stage32 will come in handy. Until then I have a fine time reading peoples discussions, checking out what other people are getting together. The part I'm not such a fan of though, is people "spamming" in the name of networking. Sending a message to every new person you add to your network that's copy & pasted with the only change being that persons name, isn't networking. Why do I care to check out your project? Have we discussed it already? Is it something that I might be interested in, because it's related to projects I've already done, or it needs something that I might be able to bring to the project? /mini-rant

Daniel Bittner

Thanks for your input/mini-rant Jasmine! It was actually very helpful. And I completely agree about the spamming. For me, I view Stage32 as a great way to find fellow filmmakers who live in my area as well as finding people who are working on interesting projects.

Richard "RB" Botto

Daniel and Jasmine...While we allow people to start ONE thread promoting a project, product, etc, we have a zero tolerance for spam. Jasmine, I think I know of the copy and paste spam. That user was issued a warning and all of the posts in the discussion area were deleted. We welcome all 32'ers to report all spam as well. Hope that answers some questions. And thanks for being an important part of Stage 32.

Clifford McKinney

I am new to Stage 32, but I am trying to find local talent for projects so I am hoping that it works better than FB in that respect. At the very least everyone here seems to have the same general background and such.

Eva Scroggins

Just found it today, was suggested from Twitter. I don't think it's "better" than Facebook, but it's more useful since everyone here is of the same mindset, and ALL of us are in the same industry. You don't have to hunt people down...

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