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Andriy Suyarko

We are looking for distributio…

We are looking for distribution of our new feature film "Firecrosser". Checkout the trailer [www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntgA480x2A4][1] [1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntgA480x2A4

Axel Harney

Go to MyIndieShow.com

Randall Roffe

I have very good distribution contacts that are very hard to find in usual way. We need to know running time of completed feature, original language, dubblage into English etc.

Randall Roffe

Looks good but my distributor will not distribute subtitled films - only with completed dubblage

Milt Barlow

Hey Andriy. No problems if you want to upload it to First Rites Films. We are NON exclusive. Check it out www.firstritesfilms.com Hope we can help get your film out there. Happy Holidays and Best for 2014 Milt

Milt Barlow

Hey Andryl. Hope your well. How is your film coming. Happy for you to upload it when you are ready. Hope we can help you spread the word! Best Milt www.firstritesfilms.com

René Roland Hansen

bets luck 4 urs film

Rob Santana

Excellent trailer, Andriy. Wishing you the best. (seems some responses to you are "me-me-me" look at mine!")

Erik Lundmark

Hi Andriy, your film looks great! Beautiful photography and production values. Don't know if you still need help with distribution since the post is a bit old. I just joined stage32 and saw this. Let me know when you get a chance, thanks.

Ron Cooper

Hi Andriy, Kaleigh Group Entertainment is now accepting films for distribution. We have traditional and Out of the Box distribution channels. We get paid commission, so there are NO up front fees. I would like to discuss this with you. Contact me if you are interested.

Bobby M Peoples

Hello, fellow filmmakers. My name is Bobby Peoples. I am the CEO of CheapflicksTV. CheapflicksTv is a newly released channel available on the Roku device. One of the things that separate CheapflicksTv from other independent film streaming channel is that we will split subscription revenue with the content providers. No more promoting to people to watch your content on a platform to get more money. With our unique revenue sharing model as long as your content is on the platform your content will collect a royalty check. Now filmmakers can do what they do best: and that’s to produce more movies and not have to create a marketing campaign to get views. We've been in existence for a little over 6 months. We're are looking for short and feature films to distribute on our platform non-exclusively. We are open to all genres. The average content provider now is making $3 a month. We know it's not a lot, we are working hard to get subscribers as well. However, that's more than what most filmmakers make uploading their 10-minute short film to YOUTUBE. So it basically boils down to the more subscribers the more money each content providers make. We release NEW movies on the first of each month. So if you have a movie you've made years ago and it's just sitting there, let us reintroduce it to some new fans of independent films across the country. We would love for you to consider having your movie on our platform. Please use the link below to submit your content and create an account if you're still interested. By creating an account, you can also sign in and submit content at any time you like for us to approve. Please provide a Dropbox or wetransfer link to the data file to your content. Also send the artwork that goes for each project you submit. https://cheapflickstv.com/submissions

Mark Ratering

Bobby having trouble downloading my film mrateringg@hotmail.com

Christopher Stadulis

Well done trailer and production quality looks good. Best of luck!

Sean Murdock

Trailer looks great!!! I'd definitely watch this film!!!

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