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Rick Climenhaga

While surfing through Crags li…

While surfing through Crags list today out of sheer boredom, I decided to check out the Crew, and TV film categories. I really shouldn't do this as it does nothing but piss me immensely. Today's aggravation came from this Posting: LGBT Sag Indie ULB Feature shooting 2/08-27/12 ~ Crewing Up (Orlando) Date: 2012-01-06, 11:45PM EST Reply to: gigs-bjpsu-2787401440@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Sag Ultra Low Budget feature film shooting this February in Orlando with named actors (3 very well known LGBT Actors). This is a passion project looking for the following LGBT Friendly crewmembers. 2nd AD (Must know how to do sag paperwork schedule G and end of day reports) Sound Person (Gear Provided) please send reel Make up Artist (Must age one character from 40 to 65) Please send pictures. Make up Artist Assistant (Intern) Wardrobe Assistant (Intern) Gaffer (Please send reel) will also work as 2 unit cam op Grip 2nd AC Script Supervisor Set dresser Prop Master PA's needed 6 please have transportation. (Intern) Cater Craft services If you are looking for experience on set this maybe the project for you. We will cover expenses, gas, food and offering back end deals (Deferments) plus dvd copy. We have 2 distributors in line and a foreign sales agent. What we don't have is a lot of money to shoot. If you have 2 ½ weeks of your time to get a feature under you belt. Please reply with a resume, what positions applying for in heading, reel if you have one, a little about your self, and days available. Recent graduates, film students, or people who want to be a part of a film that will make a difference welcomed. Let's break this down shall we. Low budget SAG film, ok means they have funding right? Nope look at the end, if you are looking for experience on set, well no I'm not looking for experience, I am actually looking to get paid to use my experience. Apparently the Gaffer is also going to be the 2nd Unit Camera Operator, another Epic Fail. How are you supposed to Gaff and run Camera at the same time? You have 3 well know LGBT actors, really? Who are they? Why are you afraid to put their names down, same question for the 2 distributors. I get a copy of the DVD? wow, how many times I have heard that and have yet to get a copy of it. At least they are covering expenses, but are they see what excuse they come up with when they don't. The crowning blow to the insult is they want a demo reel. Why do you have no creative ideas of your own, so you have to look at a real project to see how to do it? I am working for you for free, you don't need my demo. This is one of the many problems we have in our industry that makes it ever so harder to make a living at our craft. Everybody wants your skills, and gear if you own it, for free. Chances are the project will not go anywhere, but sometimes it will and they will make money off it and not share a dime of it with anyone else who worked on it. People please I urge you to not take jobs like this, it only perpetuates the problem

Dylan Daniels

I try to avoid any kind of Craigs list posts about jobs in the industry in general. They really are looking for slave labor. They know that people are willing to do anything to break into the business as they are trying to break in themselves. If you are an Actor you should have an agent who gets you work. As far as crew, well it's understandable that you gotta start somewhere to get in. Yes but not on Craigs list. Apply with a company. Craigs list really pisses me off as it preys on those who want to get experience by knowing that they have no experience. Go through the proper channels. It might take time and little jobs here and there but you gotta work for what you want. You rarely get to play in the Big leagues without ever paying your dues in the minors.

Jasmine McAtee

I've had good experiences with posts on Craigslist, so I'm not so much inclined to completely denounce the website. But, for kicks, I'll definitely look at some postings I KNOW are going to be silly after you read through them. You almost can't fault these people for trying -- at least there are people out there, taking steps to make a project, instead of just talking about it. At the same time, you hope that eventually they'll figure out that you can't just ask people to keep using their own equipment for free. And 6 PAs needed? With their own vehicles? If you're that serious about your project -- knock it down to one or two that are genuinely looking for experience and can afford that time away from paying work, and then make sure YOU are out there, setting up crafty, tearing down tables, etc. If you really want to make a lo-budget feature, better be sure you're willing to get just as dirty as you're requesting others to get -- for free.

Rick Morris

First, I don't believe that you have to have "very well known" actors to make a great film. Save that ridiculous amount of money and use it for great production and post! The other thing is that this person will probably get everyone he needs on Craig's List for free... and the film will look and sound that way.

TriSpirit Productions

I'm curious now as to who posted it? Sounds like a person I tried to get involved with sometime back , then realized after talking and working with him that he really didn't care about taking care of his people and was playing games with us all. (Wana Be film maker, and no skills of his own.) It comes back to bite you in this community....

Bill Aston

Rick & TriSpirit You guys are dead on in that there is again no "free lunch" to Film Production. If Film is in "decline" it is that each one of us has failed in speaking to our respective skills and/or departments, "Sorry, ... you can't do that in telling a compelling story without adverse consequence." Just think of what the scene would look like if "experience" just told the Wanna Be film makers, "get back to me when you have a budget for my department!"

Rick Climenhaga

No idea who posted it, it is the same old story over and over again. Now that being said I have gotten legitimate paying gigs from Craigs List before, but most of them are very similar to this one.

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