Financing / Crowdfunding : Projects over $1,000,000 by Michael Anthony Pearl

Michael Anthony Pearl

Projects over $1,000,000

I am looking for film projects. I have funds. Organized and serious only!

Lourvey Bourdan

I have a screenplay that I would like to see come to light. Not sure of the first step in getting the process started.

Ifa Cush

Is it formatted?

Marinella Charlotte Van Ten Haarlen

If one needs a treatment, please contact me :

Tymour Kadry

I've got a couple of scripts that still didn't find the right funding for them, 1 short movie and another Feature Film. If you're interested we can discuss it together when you're free.

Lourvey Bourdan

I used a program called Fade In. So I would imagine that the script is formatted properly. Ifa cush

Manina Lassen

Hi Michael , I have a completed espionage thriller set in the Near East, and a love drama set in Berlin. If you're interested, contact me. Have a great day!

Rana Davis

please visit my website: you can see some of the projects we have in various stages of development. If interested, please contact me and I can walk you through my pipeline. Thanks! Rana D

Manina Lassen

Hi Rana, thanks, yes, I'm interested. You can see my loglines at my page, I'd be happy to mail you synopses or scripts, if you let me know which one you're interested in. Kind regards, Manina

Rana Davis

HI Manina, I was actually responding to Michael's post. I am looking for funding as well.

Manina Lassen

Oh, aren't we all? Good luck!

Cheryl L. Powell

Hi Michael, I am Co-producer with a fairly well known Hollywood producer. We have a five film slate that we believe will be the next big film franchise. If interested send me a message and I will discuss in detail. Cheryl Powell

Bishnu Prasad Nepal

Hello Michael My name is Bishnu Prasad Nepal (Gurash). I actively participate on social work working on orphan society and other social organization in Nepal. and i am also screenwriter, artist concept designer. I would like to inform you all, I want to make a documentary for Nepal. I need producer who are interested for this project. My documentary's aim is address of Nepalese orphan real life style to international level. Its basic purpose, currently it aims to the documentary entitled as “HATREDS OF GOD” (A Real Life Portrait of Nepalese Orphans) explaining the real picture about the current position of Nepalese orphans, their struggle for the livelihood, small orphans who has been in the drug addiction due to ignorance of society and a new life to such orphans that orphan homes has been providing for their nourishment, to reach its discussion in international level and to collect the feedback its progress on the sector of childcare and nourishment for their betterment. The documentary covers the real picture of the social status of the orphan children in Nepal, how they strive to sustain their life by doing various types of labor oriented jobs in their primitive childhood, side by side it will also depict the reality of drug addiction among them enforcing them into involvement in criminal activities in the society to fulfill their needs for drugs and many other things that the orphan children carry out in order to struggle for their livelihood and how orphan homes has changed their life by fulfilling their needs for food, settlement, clothes, education, health and other materials. so if you are interested to this project it will be great to work with you Bishnu Prasad Nepal Skype: gurash.nepa

David Weinberg

I am producing and directing my heartfelt redemption of the spirit family film entitled 'Hugs From God' in Woodstock, NY in May 2015. I've attached a brilliant award winning DP and well respected line producer. The budget is $1.5 million for a 17 day production. I will attach talent and a sales agent after AFM in November. Coke-Cola is the single branded element and they like the script. Emil me at:

Liam Lionheart

I've written a script/ producing and acting in a short film called "Don't Forget Me' where a man can't separate him self from past memories to the present. It's going through a local production company that Nathan McLeod "Life with Boys' has called Innovative Arts. The budget is about $5000 for a period of three days of shooting. It'll go to Oakville's film festival. Nathan McLeod and the director Laura Bowker has the script. E-mail me at: I did write more, to show why the character was suffering and I included his entire mob family which would have been half an hour which would have increased the budget to your intended goal. I also have two feature fan film scripts within the 2 mil mark, one sci-fi and the other fantasy.

Jeff Tipton

I am an LA based writer-producer with three packaged commercial projects in that budget range.

Benjamin Nathaniel Redic II

I am a filmmaker in Austin, Tx who is currently budgeting a martial arts film reminiscent of Ong Bak and the Last Dragon. We are filling this project with action and stunt work since both can be done below average cost here in Austin due to our involvement in those communities. This will be something the entire family can enjoy.

Rico Jackson, Ceo / Mija Edwards, Coo

We are in in post production and ready to film this month. We did our casting call and have finalize the cast. Also we landed a T.V. Star. Are first shoot date is the 25th of this month. You can check out our website at I have a production team in place. I would love to tell you about the film.

Michael Anthony Pearl

Send me a one sheet or a summary. You can message me personally about the project or projects.

Kristen Perry

I got one right here for you. "Girlfriends chose what is most important when an engagement party turns tragic, and their life choices put them on edge." I'm only trying to raise $20,000 off indiegogo but could definitely go for me. Watch the trailer here.

Kenn Hinton

I have a Movie & TV Trivia Game Show that I've created called "HOLLYWOOD FLASHBACKS"......I've secured the copyright/trademark and have a treatment, with a prelim budget. I now need help getting it pitched to some L.A. agents/network executives for future development. Perhaps you can help me in this regard. I'm new to Stage 32 and seeking to network with someone that is "a bonafide industry insider". Checkout me IMDb Link:

David Weinberg

Kenn, Go to Reelscreen in Washington D.C. in January and pitch your show there.

Mehernosh Kapadia

I have sent you the message with log lines of the film

Edward Reid

We have something you might be interested in. We have a lot of momentum going and will be launching our indiegogo with a new episodic trailer this next week. We're looking for funding for our pilot that we'll be shooting in March. This is a real unique dark comedy idea. Thanks

Nicholas P Clark

I have a couple of film scripts, with treatments if interested genre Spy Trillers you can see my web page scripts are from the books

Mehernosh Kapadia

I await your revert to my message

Kevin Bradshaw

I have a script available that I am planning to direct, message me back and I could give you the details about it.

Mike Appel

Michael: I'm the former producer manager of Bruce Springsteen. You can go to my website: and see Bruce and I. I and a low budget film maker wish to make my Screenplay into a motion picture. We have already started auditions and the Soundtrack is almost complete. I've financed everything until now. Let me know how best to interface with you so we can see if this is something that would be of interest to you. We are looking for $500,000.00. My e-mail: Thanks, Mike Appel

Laura Bickel

Hey Michael, we create content with a purpose for families and young audiences. Our current project revolves around paleontology and the intrigue of the nefarious world of fossil smuggling. Introducing scientific fact, mystery and moral dilemmas in an entertaining package. Tremendous potential not only for the production but the associated merchandising for the young audience. Contact me this will be an exciting project involving 5 already optioned books in the series and more to come.

Mehernosh Kapadia

What is your website?

Mark Gunnion

Hey. Michael. I have written a spec feature, a Thriller/Murder Mystery in a musical setting - check out the logline and synopsis, and read the whole script here:

Michael Anthony Pearl

We re interested in projects starting at $1,000,000 and up. My team of investors will match 50% cash on cash. Yes, you must show proof of funds along with the budget, script, one sheet etc. Our team of investors has funded in the last year and a half close to thirty films and we are off to a good start for 2015. I would like to work with you if you can provide these things that we need to get started.

Bruce Mercury

I have several projects, see more at about me here at 32, I have some matching funds interest also, please message me, thanks.

Joe Chacon

Investor's needed for this action franchise I am attached to. I can connect you to the exec producer

Ulf Jean Loup Pilblad

Hi Michael, All Soul Production is a film production company, located in Thailand, wishing to produce motion pictures, feature films, short films, TV-series and, TVC and documentaries. Furthermore we offer production services in Bangkok and in all of Thailand. We have already produced a black comedy, thriller ” FATIMA'S SECRET” (2015), which is now in the hands of House of Film for the world-wide sales. “FU-FOO” is a film that we started in 2013 but never really finished. The first shooting period in 2013 has generated a large footage called “FUFU, 99 Minutes of Life”. You can watch the first material at: (please ask for the password). Now the time has come to produce the final part of “FU-FOO” adding new ideas to the script that will show hidden and forgotten sides of Thailand. As All Soul’s team is composed of professional bodies and experts with an extensive film production experience, theatre and performing arts background, we feel uniquely qualified to undertake this movie project! You will find more information about us and the project in the attached document “Press book-FU-FOO” At the present All Soul Production has raised 65% of the total budget of USD 1,120,000. We are looking for co-producers and funds for this project. We need approximately USD 400,000 to go ahead and finish this movie. Maybe with your connections we can find the right partner? Production Budget – USD 1,120,000 All Soul Production investment 2013– USD 350,000 Equity in place (All Soul investment 2015) – USD 350,000 Equity/Gap – USD 400,000 Transparence and equity are the main tools for our movie project: 1) ALL SOUL Production is the administrator of the project and legal representative in Thailand. 2) ALL SOUL Production will open a bank account to have a separate administration and accounting for the movie. 3) ALL SOUL Production will provide statements to the investors semi-annually, showing in reasonable detail the financial management of the pre-production, production, post-production and all revenues received from the commercial exploitation of the movie. We are ready switch on the green light and go ahead with this project, so do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Attached: Press book and budget. Looking forward to hear from you! Warm greetings from Bangkok Ulf Jean Loup Pilblad Producer ALL SOUL Production K. S. Residence, 3 Sukhumvit Soi 54, Phrakanong, Bangkok, Thailand Email: Tel +66 (0) 2663 1818 or +46 (0) 8 5592 4521 Mobil +66 (0)8 7508 7091

Ernie Lijoi Sr.

Hi Mike, I'm new here and just noticed your statement above. Please take a look at and if you think it is something that you may be interested in , Let's talk. Thanks Ernie Lijoi Sr. also see

Gustavo Letelier

Hi Mike, I have a slate of Latino films produced in South America and based on plays. I'll be pleased to send information if you are interested. Email me at:

Michael J. Cargill

Curious if you are still looking for projects. I have 2 that may fit the bill.

Georgia Hilton

I have 2 projects in Pre-production with 50% funding and presales pending. Our last film made over 5 times budget and over 35% ROI for investors in less than 24 months.

Neba Godwill Awantu

I have good projects u will obviously easily fall in love with. One on slave trade;" Slave goddess", "Night Fever", horrors, comedy, action etc. Most of these can be conveniently shot at a lower cost. My email: bilgodwill476@gmail.

Megan Lewis

Where do you apply? I got two films ready to go the minute I get funding. Plus I am very thrifty and will work with any amount you give me.

Johannes Hummel

You look for feature film?

Neba Godwill Awantu

Hello Michael. I have two soul searching scripts that match your financial requirement. The Slave goddess brings us back to the effects of some basic African traditions that mistreat the woman. Very interesting script you will want to get at all cost. Can send you synopsis at your request. My email:

Kristina Garant

Michael... we have a script we are looking to film is 2016. we are looking for funds right now it is a horror. if interested in more information you can send me a message.

Kristina Garant

we are in process of making a trailer that will be used to help get funds and we could show you that footage so you have a better idea of the project as well.

Dianne Gardner

I know yours is an old post, but it's worth a try. We just shot a concept trailer with some of Seattle's top talent and a huge endorsement from Karolyn ZuZu Grimes from It's a Wonderful Life ( with Jimmy Stewart) and I'd love to show you what we have. It's a TV miniseries, I'm the author of the book which will be published by PDMI and am also the screenwriter. We have a project summary, budget, you name it. The only thing we lack is funds and we're planning a Kickstarter this week. The story is a historical fantasy about a teenager who time travels into a 1908 rebellion.

Jouet Dotson

Hello Michael. My company has a film that is currently in post-production. We have been open to investments to complete this project and perhaps to get involved with future films that will begin production soon. Please contact me to discuss. Thank you.

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