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By Gretchen Elhassani

GENRE: Comedy, Romance
LOGLINE: An overweight woman discovers a genii in her frozen diet meal box and wishes that dieting could be easier. What could go wrong?


Susie is overweight. She tries workouts at Max Mania’s aerobics class. She tries cutting down on calories. When a genii appears one night as she removes a frozen diet meal from her freezer, it seems that all her prayers are answered. She wakes up fit and gorgeous, and triumphantly displays her new figure at the office. But Steve, the man she met a week ago, appears in the office with flowers. Steve doesn’t recognize Susie in her new form, so she lies to him, telling him she is Susie’s twin sister Suelene. Steve and Suelene go out on a date, and when they end up back in Susie’s apartment, Suelene attempts to seduce him. Steve declines; he is already smitten with Susie, and doesn’t care about her appearance. Falling head over heels, Susie returns to the frozen food box genii to beg for a reversal of the spell. The genii denies her, leaving her just one option. She must find someone else to wish her back. Meanwhile, the workout guru, Max Mania, sees Susie’s miraculous transformation each day at the gym, and wants to bottle what she has. Unable to get Susie to cooperate, Max Mania sneaks into her apartment one night with a gun. He demands Susie give up her secret. Steve arrives to save her, and Max Mania forces Susie to reveal the genii in the presence of her new love. Susie is able to trick Max Mania into granting her wish, and her figure returns to the state it was in when she first met Steve. But now Steve feels betrayed. Max Mania leaves with the food box genii, and Steve storms out in anger. Susie is back where she started, overweight and alone. Steve returns to her office one day after she mails a heartfelt letter to his sick father. He welcomes her back as long as the charade is over. Susie accepts, and she and Steve live happily ever after. And what happened to Max Mania? He achieved fame and fortune helping celebrities lose weight overnight. FAT PANTS is a 90 page romantic comedy shot in 4 locations with a cast of 6 main characters, 2 non speaking rolls, and 1 cameo.

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