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By Gretchen Elhassani

GENRE: Horror
LOGLINE: Camping out under the stars as part of a Union Civil War Reenactment, May and Cameron are attacked by the ghost of a murdered farmer.


May, Cameron and their friend Aaron are Union Civil War Reenactors. They use the event as an excuse to light a fire and drink some beers, with only one chaperone around to guide them. Around the fire, the chaperone tells the tale of Samuel Carter, a farmer who was killed by Union soldiers. May is awoken in the night to the sounds of the chaperone being axed to death, but when his body disappears, the three remaining teenagers don’t know what to do. Locked out of their truck, they race around, trying to find safety. May discovers a family graveyard, with one fresh grave. Cameron and Aaron load their ancient rifles and set off to find the killer. Aaron fires carelessly, and is brought down by the killer. There are now two fresh graves. May and Cameron break into the museum only to discover that it had once been home to the very farmer who is out to kill them. Cameron and May defeat the ghost by returning stolen objects to its grave. When the sun finally rises in the morning, their truck is gone, their fake camp site is no more, and a real Union soldier approaches them from a distance.

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