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By Don Thomas

GENRE: Adventure, Horror, Thriller
LOGLINE: One morning, a young man with unique abilities traveling throughout the Western frontier lands of Mythas arrives in a dusty frontier town where unknown to the current inhabitants his father was viciously murdered fifteen years earlier.


It is early in the day when a stranger comes to Templeton Junction. He is a lanky young man with a pleasant disposition, who soon displays a certain theatrical ability for acrobatics and the overall art of performing to young attractive woman he soon meets upon arrival. The young woman is immediately captivated by this unusual and highly charismatic young man and takes him to meet her father who happens to be the owner of the local mercantile. The father while generally unimpressed with him at first, quickly changes his mind when the young man uses his violin to play a tune which quickly entrances the entire rodent population in the store and compels them to orderly vacate the establishment. Now with the ton abuzz, he soon manages to strike up a deal with the town's mayor to put on a one-night show publicly displaying the wide range of his visually entertaining abilities for a generous cut of the ticket sales. Although unknown to the mayor or anyone else in the town this is all part of his plan to get revenge on the mayor, the main constable, and the inhabitants of the town for their involvement or general culpability for the murder of his father which occurred fifteen years earlier. It turns out that his father was a skilled swordsman who had perfected and proven his physical abilities as a soldier and leader of other men during a series of deadly border wars. Not only surviving the conflict but also gaining as a spoil of war a unique magical sword with incredible abilities. Somewhat despondent and dealing with severe depression and alcoholism the man had fallen in love with an exotic carnival performer who hired him at first to serve as her personal bodyguard and proxy owner of her motley crew of performers. The couple dearly loved each other and the three children they she bore him, but one day she contracted an illness and eventually died. Continuing on as a devoted father and now truly the actual owner of the carnival. Things carrying on fairly well until they arrive at the same town to set up when they are initially attacked by a group of thugs who secretly work for the original mayor and are looking to steal the accumulated proceeds from earlier performances. The father quickly and efficiently dispatches several opponents and makes sure to tell the local constable that he now feels an obligation to seek revenge on those who purposely endangered his family if he happens to run across them again. Soon after he realizes the same mercantile owner was also the leader of the brigands, and soon uncovers the mayor's involvement.


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