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By Joel Paul Sciberras

GENRE: Mystery, Thriller, Historical, Crime, Drama

Feature Film:(The Haunted Farm House Movie):Envy and Revenge between two brothers,leading to a mystery. The two brothers hate each other so much and was involved in so many mysteries.


The story is set in 2014. in Malta Freddy & George, along with their friends were discussing, drinking and playing dice, cards, and other items in a bar in Dingli. Freddy is 58 years old and George is 60 years old while their friends are between 35 and 75 years. Then, Freddy decided to tell them a story about a farm house where two brothers Pullu and Gamri lived and that, the house was haunted with strange noise and even the apparition of ghosts. George started laughing and told them that he does not believe and these stories are all nonsense. Freddy and his friends do not take it nicely because of George. Then, George came up with the idea of making a bet with others. This bet consisted of George spending a night at that farmhouse, observes what happens and then gets out in the morning laughing. The others liked the idea and started to laugh as they did not want to believe George. Then John the barman made him a bet.

The story goes back (flashbacks) in 1945 (Malta), where Pullu and Gamri lived in a farm house. Gamri was the boyfriend of Maria. Pullu was 55 years and Gamri was 38 years, while Maria was 35 years. Pullu was very possessive and narcissist, and if he had something in his mind he would surely do it. Pullu wanted to take back the wealth he had with Maria. Pullu still hoped that Maria still loved him. Gamri was infuriated by the fact that his younger brother Gamri courted Maria and that they were planning to move to Mdina and hire a flat.

Pullu became jealous and becomes aware that once Gamri and Maria are married and move to Mdina, Pullu loses everything. So his anger is increased and sets a malicious plan against his brother Gamri. The story contains two periods in 1945 and 2014. The story is based on a true story and contains mystery murder, actions and emotions. Original story of Joel Paul Sciberras and Mary Anne Zammit. The Malkipso Studios ©

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