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By Andrew Heard

GENRE: Romance, Sci-fi

Sarah and Alicia attempt to have a child in a world where the technology has been created that they can have a genetically matching child. The problem is they have to spend the full nine months of the pregnancy physically attached to each other.


Sarah and Alicia who have been trying to have a child together for many years go to a doctor with a radical treatment unlike any other. He can give them a child but they have to spend the full 9 months of the pregnancy medically attached to each other. This tests the bonds of their relationship in ways they never expected. While it seems like they can do it initially, the fact that they don't have a single moment alone and away from each other starts to really cause problems for them.

Staying on the same page emotionally is a central part of the procedure and this has them in the hospital, risking the thing they want most. In light of this, they decide to put their differences aside and move forward together. Eventually, they give birth to a healthy young child.


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Mick Lexington

Have you considered Crowdfunding?

Andrew Heard

I have, although in the past I've had trouble finding the people to contribute to crowdfunding for it. However this concept and the people involved might warrant it.

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