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By Jason Phillips Estrada

GENRE: Drama, Horror, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: When a young girl chooses to end her life, she finds herself pulled from the depths of an unrighteous death, and reborn as a vampire. Sired by an aging vampire who is declaring war on humanity, the girl must adapt to her strange new life and join her new family in a fight against all the forces of hell.


Alyssa, a young teen, takes her own life, but is forced into immortality by virtue of an old vampire, Darius. The vampire's family grow cautious of Darius. Alyssa was at an inappropriate age for turning, but Darius has been creating far more devious turmoil. He has been lustfully killing humans every night. The family of vampires cannot condone his behavior, and must now find a way to raise Alyssa, and to keep her safe. It soon becomes apparent to everyone that Alyssa is no ordinary vampire. Something strange occurred on the night she was changed - pulled from the arms of death himself - Darius stole her from a higher plane of existence. Alyssa, along with her new family will discover her unique powers as she is faced with greater horrors than just vampires. Darius undertakes an evil crusade as his ancient mind starts to deteriorate. Hell will descend, and the only one who can stand up against the coming war is a Alyssa and her new family of vampires. A human ally, Mitchell, falls into the world of vampires and helps Alyssa discover the truths behind the war, Darius, and reality itself. The aging detective battles with his own demons as other-worldly beings help him see our world from a divine perspective. The stage is set for the vampires and humans, and they must ready for the coming war as all the curtains are lifted, revealing a world none of them could have ever imagined.

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