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By Cecil E. Davis Jr.

GENRE: Crime

A wannabe actor, who always flubs his lines, and an inexperienced criminologist join forces in a private detective agency where they frequently find themselves in over their heads.


ALEX “HOLLYWOOD” HOLLIS (28) struggles to launch an acting career that may never happen. He’s far more successful with women; he’s rarely seen with the same one twice. To make ends meet, he owns half of a private detective firm where he primarily tails cheating spouses.

STEPHANIE VINE (26) completes her criminal justice degree. She argues with her father, the Police Commissioner, and boyfriend DETECTIVE BRIAN LOGAN (33) about joining the force. He offers her a desk job, but that’s the last thing she wants. She seeks out Hollywood and informs him she’s bought half the agency.

Hollywood gets a callback for a role in an upcoming motion picture. Several other actors read for the part. MAX ZEBRON (55), the producer, makes his decision, and it's not Hollywood. Another actor, JIMMY (29), becomes visibly angry at not being selected.

A kidnapper tases the nanny, ANNA(22), and takes the producer’s daughter, KAYLEE (12). When the kidnapper threatens to kill her if he calls the police, so he calls Hollywood instead. Soon, Hollywood and Vine are on the case.

The producer has friends, but even more enemies – every wanna-be actor and hack writer in the city. Vine suggests they should start with the actors from the latest audition of which Hollywood was a part. All of the leads are nothing but dead ends.

Because they cannot locate Kaylee’s captor, Max gives in to the kidnapper’s demands. He insists that Max comes alone to an adult movie theater and pass the cash to a hooker. She takes the money, orders Max to strip, and handcuffs him to the chair. She pulls the fires alarm and flees. Hollywood pieces together something the kidnapper said.

Hollywood and Vine finally find the kidnapper – a quiet, deranged actor named PETER MCNEIL (30). They see the girl tied to a chair, duct tape over her mouth. Hollywood and Vine burst in, but McNeil threatens to blow Kaylee’s head off if they don’t surrender their guns. He forces them into a small storage room and zip-ties their wrist and ankles. Hollywood and Vine escape only to find themselves on the wrong end of a gun.

Hollywood convinces McNeil, a method actor, that he is out of character. The role does not call for a murderer, but rather a kidnapper with a conscience. McNeil believes Hollywood is the director in this story until Hollywood takes his role a step too far. A fight ensues with Hollywood getting the best of him until McNeil recovers his gun. He aims the weapon at Hollywood, but soon McNeil begins to convulse and falls on the floor. Vine stands behind him with the taser, thus saving Hollywood’s life.

With Kaylee rescued, the only mystery remaining is the money. McNeil never recovered it. But Anna mocks Hollywood from a disposable phone as she drives up the coast with a trunk full of cash.

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