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By Claire Elizabeth Terry

GENRE: Drama, Fantasy, Romance
LOGLINE: The lives of six friends from all over the world are transformed when a rose is secretly drawn for each of the women.


A 35-year-old Spanish artist, the drawer of roses, sits in his London studio, drawing roses. Unbeknown to each other, six friends from all over the world have each commissioned him to draw a rose for one of the other women. Each of the women are approaching a moment of crisis in their lives: There’s Betsy, a forty-something native of Wisconsin in the States, who’s about to lose her farm; Amala, a beautiful Indian bank executive in her thirties, who’s contemplating suicide, due to her emotional bankruptcy; Irina, a young Italian housewife, who prefers the elaborate life of her daydreams to the looming reality of having to return to the job which she dreads; Kate, a calligrapher in her thirties, forced to return to her hometown of Melbourne after a love affair in London went sour, who’s on the verge of marrying the wrong man; Miriam, a widow in her sixties in South Africa, whose inability to stand up for herself means that she’s unable to recognise her own sexuality… …and Lola, an Argentinian in self-imposed romantic exile in Barcelona, who’s about to miss the opportunity of being reunited with her one great love. Just as the drawer of roses is about to finish each rose - all the while struggling with his feelings for one of the women - each of the friends reaches a critical juncture in their lives. As the drawing of their rose evolves, however, so do the women’s lives begin to be transformed, because that’s the drawer of roses’ talent: he’s able to tune in to the essence of a woman, her essential ‘her’. And deliver her, a portrait of herself, through a rose.

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