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By Jesse Garza

GENRE: Horror, Other, Thriller
LOGLINE: A couple taking a  road trip through the highways of Nevada meet a mysterious and sexy stranger at a rest stop.


VINNY and VANCE, a young hipster couple, are taking a break at a Nevada high way rest stop. The two of them are making an important delivery, but seem too busy messing around with each other to keep their deadline of sunrise. When Vinny heads inside the rest stop to clean up, she spots CLARICE, a lone hitchhiker studying a map of the Nevada Highway system. Having been ditched by her boyfriend, Clarice asks Vinny if it would be possible for her to ride along with them to their next destination. Vinny, wanting to have a bit of fun with Clarice, convinces her boyfriend Vance, to let Clarice ride along with them. During the drive, the three them proceed to get high. Vinny and Clarice start to have sex in the backseat of the car while Vance drives and spies on them from the front seat. While Vinny is going down on Clarice, she is squirted with a capsule of Garlic solution. Vinny screams in pain, now exposed as a vampire. Clarice then dispatches Vance with a stake though the heart and the car crashes into a ditch. Upon exiting the vehicle. Clarice finishes off Vinny with a gun shot to the face. Clarice finds coolers full of blood bags scattered over the road. The couple were actually a pair of vampire thieves who have been hitting up blood banks across the state. With her contract filled, she walks away from the wreck and calls for her pick up.


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