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By Al Marsiglia

GENRE: Crime, Drama
LOGLINE: A young mafioso finds himself on the run when his partner steals the boss' money


CONTRACT PENDING` Al Marsiglia Synopsis Frankie Fiore, a Brooklyn shoemaker’s son has been recruited by the local mob boss Jimmy “the nose” Provetera. Jimmy places him under the tutelage of veteran mobster Tullio Vitale who teaches him the ropes. Frankie is a fast learner and Jimmy is very happy with his progress. Before long he is teamed with another up and comer, Mikey Boom Boom Lombardi. The two become very proficient in the collection enforcement business, making Jimmy extremely content. That is, until the day Frankie decides to go to a ballgame when he should be on collections with Mikey. Mikey finding himself alone with Jimmy’s collection money, decides to lose it all on the ponies. This makes Jimmy terribly angry with Mikey and Frankie. On the advice of his father, Frankie leaves town. Not able to find Frankie, Jimmy takes it out on Frankie’s father, Louie, by having him brutally beaten. In the meantime Frankie, who has taken to the highway, randomly ends up in a small southern town called Dunnville North Carolina, where he meets and falls for Angie, a waitress in the local diner. Angie is trying to end an abusive relationship with her ex, Carl, but Carl won’t go away. During an argument he beats up on Angie. This does not sit well with Frankie who then pays Carl a visit in his motel room accompanied by a tire iron. Seeking revenge, Carl searches Frankie’s rented cottage and discovers a newspaper clipping indicating the mob’s interest in finding him. Carl then visits Jimmy the Nose in Brooklyn and gives him the lowdown on Frankie’s whereabouts. Jimmy tells Tullio what he has just learned and assigns him the contract to take out Frankie. Tullio, who is now fed-up with Jimmy, turns it down. Jimmy then assigns two of his other henchmen, Max and Sonny to the job. They promptly trek down to North Carolina where they take Angie and her young daughter Jana, hostage as part of their plan to take out Frankie. In the meantime, Tullio has joined Frankie to warn him and lend his support. Everything comes down to a shootout at Angie’s house and Of course the good guys win. Frankie goes back to New York where he and Tullio are the star witnesses against Jimmy the Nose. Frankie does a little time in the can (18 months) and goes back to Dunnville to live happily ever after with Angie.

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