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By Al Marsiglia

GENRE: Comedy, Drama
LOGLINE: What happens when the wife and daughter of the owner of a failing trucking company take matters into their own hands, and without his knowledge, ask a competitor to help them save the company?


It is 1990 and Jake Morgan has been working for Owens Trucking for several years. During this time he has been instrumental in helping the struggling company become solvent and prosperous. A promotion that Harry Owens, owner of Owens Trucking has been promising Jake is not forthcoming and Jake quits to open his own trucking business. In the pursuing years, his new company, Morgan Transfer becomes very successful and overshadows Owens Trucking which has been failing miserably since Jake Morgan left. It s now present day and Harry Owens has become depressed and despondent. Janet, Harry’s wife and Drew, his daughter are worried about him and decide to approach his former employee, and now owner of Morgan Transfer, Jake Morgan for help. They plan to do this through Jake’s wife, Lorene, with whom they’ve been in communication through the years. Lorene enthusiastically wants to help, and proposes a plan to her husband whereby they would help the Owens’ rebuild their business and at the same time also help to rehabilitate their own younger son, Ben Morgan who, although having an exceptional head for business, has been leading a decadent playboy lifestyle for most of his young adult life. The plan is for Ben to go undercover to work for Owens Trucking, to help turn the company around. He must also keep his nose clean for one year. No girls, no booze. Ben balks at the plan, but is persuaded when his father threatens to cut off his salary and strike him from the family will. With Drew’s help he is hired incognito by Owens Trucking as a trainee driver. Driving large rigs is not his forte and he has several comical misadventures at the wheel. On one trip, Ben unknowingly finds himself in a Gay Truck Stop where he is hit upon by two burly gay drivers with evil on their minds. He is rescued by Rakishi, - Harry’s right hand man, who causes some physical damage to the two. Drew finally manages to get him an inside job, hoping that by being inside he could begin turning the business around. At his first task, Ben manages to completely alienate Harry by organizing Harry’s unorganized filing system that he has been using since he started the company. One word leads to another and Harry fires Ben. All the while, Drew and Ben who at first had an antipathy toward each other, have fallen in love. Ben and his father then come up with plan B, which is to teach Drew how to run a trucking company so that she in turn can train the Qwens company employees. Drew’s father, Harry believes she is learning the trucking business at night school. Jake Morgan unbeknownst to Harry also loans Owens Trucking a wad of money. Drew tells her father it is a government loan. Everything is going along smoothly and the company is doing great until Harry accidentally gets wind of what is going on and hits the roof. He becomes estranged from his wife, Janet and daughter, Drew. The company begins sinking to former levels. To make matters worse, the two Gay truckers that Ben and Rakishi had the problem with, show up at Owens Trucking and take Drew hostage. They plan to hold her to exchange for Ben and Rakishi upon whom they wish to exact revenge. Old grievances are forgotten and forgiven and everyone comes together to rescue Drew. This is done in grand fashion when everyone converges on the location where Drew is being kept captive. The bad guys go to jail. The families reconcile and we have a very happy but unconventional ending. .

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