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By Diana Murdock

GENRE: Drama

When her ex-husband's manipulative nature threatens to pull Sophia under, she must break the dysfunctional cycle to get her life back, but it'll take more than just her will power.


When the manipulative and co-dependency issues of Sophia's ex-husband feeds voraciously on her resilient and duty-driven nature, she must allow herself to let go before the momentum sweeps them both into their golden years.

Sophia know it's not right to spend countless days and nights appeasing Rich, her ex-husband, in order to make sure he doesn't hurt himself, but it is a co-dependent dance they'd danced for too long for her to stop cold turkey. She decides to leave behind his house key - a small step, but a significant one - when she leaves his house.

Resolved now to break free, Sophia shakes it up by tossing out the remnants of bad memories, spurred on by her best friend and voice of reason, Toni. Sophia delivers the final box of "Rich's crap" to his home and gets the distinct impression he wants to get back together. But Sophia isn't going there. Though their 14-year-old son is part of the mix, Sophia puts distance between herself and Rich. Rich steps up the manipulation, knowing just what buttons to push to get a reaction out of her, including playing the suicide card, as he has for the last 22 years.

Though she doesn't buy into it fully anymore, it's that small chance that he might commit the act that keeps her hovering, albeit reluctantly.

It's the unknown, the what-ifs that scare her. When Rich announces he has a deteriorating memory condition, Sophia jumps to his aid, uncertain how such an illness might affect her son.

Toni pushes her to walk away, but Sophia gives Rich the benefit of the doubt and chooses to help him one last time. It's just the opening Rich thrives on and he continues to pull her down.

Sophia discovers her breaking point when Rich takes the suicide threats to a whole new level - he pulls a gun out in front of their son. There's no turning back for her at that point and realizes that saving him is no longer an option. She calls the authorities when Rich continues to try manipulate her.

Finally able to shut him out, she focuses on herself, her life, her future… and not by taking baby steps anymore.


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