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By Kari Ciardi

GENRE: Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: When his wife is murdered, a fireman uncovers her secret life and her involvement in a network of allies who risk all to protect a group of alien children, and now he finds himself faced with the impossible – he must figure out a way to save his stepson, the Antieran children, and Earth.


Genre: Sci Fi Adventure – “DISTRICT 9” meets “SUPER 8”. After five long years, their people are finally coming. It should be a time of rejoicing, for celebration - it isn’t. The alien haters who call themselves the Militia and the NSA are closing in on the Antieran children and it’s anyone’s guess if their rescue will happen in time. Matt Lawson, a newly married Seattle Fireman, is happily settling in to life with his beautiful wife Bree and her young son, Tommy. Life is perfect, that is until his wife is brutally murdered in their backyard and his world is turned upside down. As news breaks that three Antieran ships are headed for Earth, Matt uncovers his wife’s secret life as leader of the Alien Underground - an organization whose sole reason for being is to keep the twenty Antieran children out of the hands of the Militia and the NSA. NSA Director, Cole Phelps, is desperate to get his hands on those kids. He needs them as leverage to force his Antieran prisoners, parents of the children, to help him secure the safety of Humankind. His way is repeatedly blocked by the Militia, who are one step ahead and whose intent is to use the kids as a means of sending a powerful message to the incoming ships – stay away from Earth. Matt and Tommy’s lives are suddenly in peril when they find themselves smack in the middle of the Militia, NSA and the AU. In a desperate attempt to keep Tommy safe, Matt plays right into the hands of the Militia and unwittingly hands over the one book that gives the locations of all the AU safe houses. The Militia quickly seizes Tommy and the Antieran children, and head to the Space Needle for the final showdown. Matt finds himself faced with the impossible – he must figure out a way to save Tommy, the Antieran children, and Earth.


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