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By Kari Ciardi

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
LOGLINE: A teenage girl born on another plant is summoned home to prevent an inter-planetary cataclysm, but first, she must battle a nemesis that will stop at nothing to possess her--and her unimaginable power.


Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure – LORD OF THE RINGS meets AVATAR. Auriya, a young woman raised in the foster care system, desires for nothing more than to learn what became of her family. Having no memory of her past, she is shocked when a young man named Phelan suddenly walks into her life claiming that she wasn’t born on Earth, her parents are still alive and that she is the long awaited Gatekeeper to all the Worlds. Phelan tells Auriya she has been lost to them for sixteen years and time is running out. She has only five days to perform the Lynerian Ceremony or the Gateways to all the Worlds will close for 500 years and seal off all the worlds from one another. Melfet, leader of the Dacarians, desires Auriya for himself and will stop at nothing until he has her. The Gatekeeper is the only one who can open up the Gateway to a world called Lyneria, where a device, the Vadan, is hidden. The Vadan would give Melfet ultimate control and extraordinary power over all the worlds on the gateway system. A devastating betrayal sends Auriya directly into the hands of the Dacarians. Melfet delivers his ultimatum, do what I ask or watch your parents and friends die. Her choice is a terrible one, do the vile things Melfet wants or lose her family before she gets to know them. The showdown takes place on Lyneria where Auriya delivers Melfet a stunning and unexpected blow.


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