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By Kari Ciardi

GENRE: Comedy, Fantasy
LOGLINE: Desperate to stop a vengeful spirit from terrorizing him, a phobia-addled young man starts a support group for ghosts addicted to haunting.


Genre: Supernatural Thriller - BEETLEJUICE meets THE 12 STEP PROGRAM. Plagued with phobias and a vengeful ghost, Jack makes a spur-of-the-moment decision that changes his life forever -"he launches Ghosts Anonymous." His desire is to help spirits addicted to haunting and in particular, reach out to the one ghost who has been tormenting him since childhood, his sister Pam. The success of Ghosts Anonymous infuriates Pam, who along with two pals, decide they'd rather be alive than dead. Pam and her friends boot Jack and two of his co-workers from their bodies and take control. The real world quickly goes sideways for the trio of hijackers when their hidden agendas collide. Panic ensues when Jack and his friends realize they are now ghosts and things suddenly go from bad to worse. There is a rule that can't be changed - if Jack and his colleagues don't reclaim their bodies within six hours, they'll remain ghosts for all eternity. The clock is ticking while Jack and his friends learn how to exist as ghosts, battle a demon, and convince Pam and her thugs to give back their bodies. No one ever said being a ghost was going to be easy.


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