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By Geoff Breedwell

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: Survivors of a terrorist attack are being hunted and their only saving grace is to choose sides in a secret war.


Synopsis – THE SURVIVORS OF 907 MALLORY The survivors of a terrorist attack are being hunted. They’re being picked off one by one. When the FBI gets involved, gathering them all together in one central location, it becomes the beginning of the end. They must choose sides in an ancient war to save the world; each side wanting to save the world from the other. At the address of 907 Mallory sits a busy country themed restaurant. Inside, there are four tables, each holding their own story. At one table sits a beautiful budding interracial romance between Whitney and Marcus, while a troubled marriage between Kevin and Brenda fights to stay alive at another. At the third table, three underage sibling orphans (Chris, Natalie, and the loveable Darla) are struggling to pay their bill. The final table holds a Navy Sailor eating with his family (wife Jessica and son David), celebrating his return. Their worlds are turned upside down when a family blows up the restaurant. Enter FBI Agent Sullivan and her partner, Agent Cash, who investigate the attack. Later that night, the Sailor is being celebrated at a hockey game, until his head is obliterated by a sniper’s bullet. The survivors are being hunted. When Agent Sullivan finds this out, she quickly brings everyone else in, inadvertently making them all sitting ducks. Dave Jones, the leader of the Atlantians, intervenes giving the group the vital information they need. They are distant relatives to the Atlantians, an ancient civilization that protects the planet from the Prometheans. Ramtha, the Promethean leader, enters with a bang to give his side, forcing the group to choose between the Atlantians or to help the Prometheans to bring Heaven to Earth. The group splits. Marcus, Whitney, Chris, Kevin, and Agent Sullivan all choose the side of the Atlantians, and Agent Cash, David, and Natalie choose to go to with Ramtha. They kidnap Darla and quickly vanish through a portal. Chris tries to go after her on his own, but Dave convinces him of one thing: He’ll need his help. The Prometheans appear on an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere, and Darla tries to escape. Ramtha tries to win her over, but fails. She realizes that she has no other choice but to join along on their trip across the interstellar gateway. Each group goes to ready their armies. The Prometheans go to the planet Promethea, the personification of Heaven, and the Atlantians go to Atlantis, which has been hidden from any Earthling’s view. Each member of each group gets supernatural abilities to fight the other side. As they practice, the Prometheans learn of the location of Atlantis. The plans have been completed. It’s time to start the war. Ramtha starts it by convincing every human being that he is God. He appears to every person on the planet at once, calling forth every member of the dead to become members of HIS army. The Atlantians pick their places to battle, defending Atlantis’ shield. If Atlantis falls, Earth falls. The stories come to their own climax at each battle. Chris, Natalie, and Darla all see their parents as they battle each other. David sees his father and battles his parents. Kevin and Brenda finally fight it out. Marcus and Whitney battle Ramtha’s bodyguards. Agent Sullivan fights her partner, while Dave Jones and Ramtha fight it out for the planet. Just as Ramtha is about to deliver the final blow to Dave Jones, Prometheus returns, killing Ramtha, and saving Earth from complete annihilation. Prometheus sets everything back to the way it was, with the exception of the survivors, who can all continue to fight for their planet as they see fit. THE SURVIVORS OF 907 MALLORY is a gripping story about how families of all shapes and sizes can come together throughout the toughest problems. It presses that things are not always as they seem to be, and what we might appear to be the truth, and may in fact, be the lie.

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