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By Padma Narayanaswamy

GENRE: Action, Drama, Family

. A famous Indian investigative reporter searches for her siblings adopted in US and UK.


Synopsis of Human Bonding

Human Bonding is a crossover script and the main theme is about an Indian sister in search of her sisters adopted in USA and UK.

Uma is an investigative journalist of Bharat Channel. Her channel receives news item about Pakistan terrorists infiltrating into India, while the two countries are having peace talks. She along with the photographer Ram Narain arrives at Poonch, a town in LOC.

She is about to report a message, when a terrorist abducts her and the photographer and puts them in a small dingy cell.

When she is dwelling in the cell, she tells her childhood history in a flashback to her photographer friend. Uma as a ten year old girl is an orphan. She has two sisters who are adopted, and she vows to herself that she will find them. With the help of an English teacher, she learns to speak English. The lady then sponsors her education and she does a. Post graduation in Mass communication. She becomes a print journalist at first, and later she gets into TV.

While she is in the cell, her channel people keep her abduction as lead news and keep on reporting about her. Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) gets in touch with the President of Indian Journalists Association (IJA) and organizes strikes. In the cell she is raped by the terrorist, and is later set free.

She becomes pregnant and gives birth to Varun and with the help of a Counselor she starts loving her child. Uma starts a website called News and Views.

Aftermath the Tsunami, Uma meets another volunteer John Anderson who is a detective in America. He falls in love and convinces her to marry him. John Anderson also, becomes a lovable father to Varun.

Uma does not allow John Anderson to get to her physically, but still he decides to join her agenda to find her sisters. From the ashram they find that while Usha is adopted by Elizabeth Williams a US citizen, Chitra is adopted by Jill Goody, a British nationalist.

Uma and John Anderson, by checking the various records find few Elizabeth Williams in the same town. John Anderson and Uma manage to find the correct Elizabeth Williams and Elizabeth tells Uma her story, of how she adopted Usha as the daughter. Usha is at first reluctant to meet Uma, but later real bonds of love develops between them. Uma also accepts Elizabeth Williams as her mother.

Due to Elizabeth Williams’s suggestion she meets a physiatrist Mary Jones and Uma finally becomes Jonathan’s lover.

Both the sisters manage to trace Chitra in London, through the ANGELS in Adoption Forum.

Chitra is clinically depressed. Uma takes her to Mary Jones, who suggests her to see a hypnotist Adam Harvay.Adam Harvay hypnotizes her, and finds that Chitra at her childhood has to face many difficulties at her foster homes. She is bullied by her foster mother Eilen Jones, to do all kinds of housework. At one time she is burnt, and the social worker finds her another home...

Chitra gets a loving father Henry James, but his wife is a cruel woman. .She needs money to go with her young bf, so she threatens Chitra to tell the police that her father had sexual designs on her or she will kill James... When her father is arrested Chitra feels guity.After foster homes, Chitra has another bitter experience. Her boy-friend cheats on her.

The hypnotist removes the negative suggestions and induces her with new suggestions...

Chitra gets ok and attends a community college taking Psychology as her major. Anand Srinivasan her classmate falls for her, but she loves John Anderson. Learning Chitra’s love, John Anderson drives Chitra away to a hostel by a plot.. In the hostel she gets Swine flu and Anand takes care of her. Slowly she falls for Anand.

Usha is insulted by a white man and asks her to go back to her country. This incident influences Usha and she cries to herself, as to which country an adopted girl belongs and she wants peace.

Elizabeth does a talk show for her and Uma suggests that she take both Usha and Chitra along with her and make a trip to India to visit their orphanage. In the orphanage the three sisters are felicitated. Uma promises a lakh to the orphanage and Chitra promises she will likely to open an orphanage which will be more like home.

All the three sisters come back to USA, peaceful and happy and John Anderson throws a party for them. He announces that his detective agency will take search cases as their priority.

In the end we see John Anderson getting a phone call from a woman, searching for her sisters.

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