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William E Bales
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Agent, distributor and producer in Santa Monica, California

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I was born on February 12, 1964. I grew up mostly in the northeastern United States and became interested in electronics by the age of 16 years old. By the age of 18 years old, I had become interested in radios, television and mainframe computers. About a year later Microsoft was just coming out with the Windows Operating System. Since the release of the very first version of Windows, I had become hooked on the Windows Operating System. As the years went by I used and learned every version of Microsoft software that ever came out but I wanted more so I started learning and using all the major software that was coming out. But during this time I would build and repair ham radios, televisions and stereos for a living until I decided to become a firefighter in Kitty Hawk, NC. After about 2 years in the Fire Department I found myself building computers and servers to start a new business. After I built and incorporated a business, I decided to learn even more skills to enhance my electronic skills and knowledge. After a few more variety of certifications I wanted to find a way that I could make a difference and give back to society by providing my complex skills and knowledge to help give back to the people that helps shape everyone's lives. The "Stars of Hollywood". After 30+ years in computer science and related fields, I am finally getting my opportunity to make history and help mankind. Starting with the "Stars of Hollywood", & Artists.

I am currently building the the "Stars of Hollywood Network" so I can give back to the stars. The Stars of Hollywood Network is the first official VPOS worldwide online "Smithsonian of the Stars". Over 100 countries of qualifying "Stars of Hollywood" members will be entered into this worldwide network.

https://www.facebook.com/StarsofHollywoodNetwork on facebook

https://twitter.com/OfficialSOHN on twitter

Personal website www.williamebales.wordpress.com

Official website of the Stars of Hollywood Network- www.starsofhollywoodnetwork.com

All current members (Actors/Actresses, Directors/Producers, Comedians & Magicians etc..,) of the Stars of Hollywood project have been verified.

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