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By Bianca Emery

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: When four young male friends complain about being broke three friends find a way to start a beauty salon while one searches for easier opportunities.


Four young male friends, Maxwell, Deter, Travis, and Vontelle all have different personalities, but they do have one thing in common; they're tired of being broke. Maxwell used to have a job until his rich older female boss, Mrs. Perdy, wanted him to sleep with her & he turned her down. Feeling like there aren't any good jobs in the hood they come up with an idea to make money & hook up with girls; they want to open a beauty salon. However, one friend likes to take the easy road in life & when he hears about an easier opportunity to make money he goes after it leaving his friends high & dry. Maxwell's girlfriend, Janene, who also does hair, tells him that he's going to be a father. Even though they don't have anything they come up with an idea that one of them should go to the bank to ask for a business loan. After being turned down by the bank Maxwell meets up with an older guy, Tiger Lou, who tells him that his wife used to own a beauty salon & if they wanted it they could have it. The three friends hope that with the starting chance their friend would join them on their mission, but unfortunately he treats them as if they are beneath him & he turns his back on them once again. As the salon begins to build, Maxwell realizes that Tiger Lou, who became like a father to him is sick and he takes money from the business without telling his friends & business partners. Throughout the process of everything there's a collaboration of good news and bad news, pain and happiness, love and heartache. However, through it all they learn that they all need one another and no matter how much success they have or do not have there's nothing like having friends to get you through certain things. This Movie has a Message that even from nothing something can be made!

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