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By Armando Alejandro

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: When tycoon and master criminal, Lex Luthor, creates an army of genetically engineered Metahumans designed to kill Superman, Gotham city's vigilante, the Batman, must join forces with a powerful and highly skilled Amazonian princess called Wonder Woman, an archer called the Green Arrow and two Metahumans known only as Aquaman and Flash to come to Superman's aid.


Tycoon and CEO of Lexcorp, Lex Luthor partners with Amanda Waller, head of the Department of ExtraNormal Operations because they fear the new race of Metahumans such as Superman could threaten mankind if they go rogue. Using the scientific knowledge of Lexcorp they plan to build technologies they could use to battle the Metahumans. Waller starts tracking and collecting information on Metahumans world-wide. Unknown to Waller, Luthor is actually a corrupted crime-lord who is obsessed with killing Superman. After Robert Queen, CEO of Queen Enterprises, refuses to merge his company with Lexcorp, Luthor orchestrates and carry's out the murder of Robert Queen and his wife in order to do a hostile takeover of Queen Enterprises. Robert Queen 's, 20 yr. old undisciplined, spoiled son, Oliver Queen, becomes the sole heir of Queen Enterprises. Gotham city's vigilante known as the Batman catches the attention of Amanda Waller because of his legendary battles against Gotham 's villains and evil Metahumans. She attempts to recruit the Batman to join her organization, but he refuses. The Batman, a master detective, is suspicious of Waller' s intentions. He starts to investigate her and in the process discovers her dangerous alliance with Luthor and his plans to kill Superman. Lex Luthor considers Oliver Queen an obstacle before taking over Queen Enterprises. Luthor sabotages Oliver 's plane with explosives which crashes in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle. Oliver, the lone survivor, is saved by a metahuman known to a few as Aquaman. Aquaman takes Oliver to a hidden island in the Bermuda triangle called Paradise Island. Paradise Island is inhabited by an ancient race of Amazonian women who are highly skilled warriors. The Amazonians, reluctantly, take in Oliver who is severely injured and still hurting from the death of his parents. For the next several years, under the tutelage of the Amazonian queen 's teenage daughter, Diana, Oliver will be healed and trained in the Amazonians ways. Metropolis reporters from the daily planet, Clark Kent and Lois Lane hear rumors that Luthor might have been responsible for the death of Robert Queen and his wife. They start investigating Luthor, but Lois is kidnapped by Luthor in order to lure Superman into a trap. Back in Gotham, Batman discovers that Luthor has been secretly stealing Waller 's secret information on the metahumans including a special rock called kryptonite that is lethal to Superman. The Batman travels to Metropolis to thwart Luthor s plans to kill Superman. While looking for Lois Lane, Superman is led into a trap by Luthor at a secret warehouse. Using the kryptonite and Waller 's genetic engineering technology, Luthor has built a kryptonite powered robotic being he calls Metallo designed specifically to kill Superman. The Batman looking for the kryptonite encounters Superman and Metallo battling. Before Metallo can kill Superman, Batman intervenes and together they defeat Metallo. Superman, upset with the Batman 's interference, tells Batman to leave Metropolis and never to return. Five years pass. Oliver Queen is now a discipline, highly skilled young man, trained in the Amazonian ways. He is now ready to return to the mortal world and take his rightful place as heir to Queen Enterprises. The Amazonian Queen feels that her daughter Diana, now a young woman and responsible for Oliver 's training, has earned the right to leave the island and learn about the mortal world. Oliver agrees to take Diana with him. The Amazonian Queen gives Oliver as a gift of his choosing a set of green arrows and a green bow, Diana's favorite weapons. For Diana 's protection, the Queen bestows upon her daughter the gift of an ancient Amazonian warrior princess known as Wonder Woman. After Oliver Queen returns from Paradise Island, he discovers Luthor now controls Queen Enterprises. Oliver wants Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and a friend of his father, Robert, to help him get Queen Enterprises back. Wayne refuses to help Oliver because he knows that Luthor is dangerous and will stop at nothing to keep control of Queen Enterprises. Over the years, Waller has been keeping an eye on Luthor and discovers that he has been stealing her secret genetic engineering technology and using her secret files on Metahumans to capture and experiment on Metahumans. Luthor has captured Aquaman and a metahuman with incredible speed known to some as the Flash. Luthor has also built a more powerful version of Metallo and an army of robotic beings. Amanda Waller, betrayed by Luthor, enlists the Batman' s help in stopping Luthor from starting a war against the Metahumans. The Batman, reluctantly, sets out to destroy Luthor 's secret facility and free the Metahumans. However, knowing he cannot defeat Luthor and his army of robotic beings alone, he enlists Superman 's help. Oliver, joined by Diana, is lured into a trap at Luthor 's secret warehouse. Oliver, using his green bow and green arrows, battles the robotic beings sent to kill him and Diana. Although, highly skilled fighters, Diana knows that she and Oliver cannot defeat the robotic beings, so Diana transforms into the Amazonian warrior princess Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman and Oliver fight the robotic beings, Superman and Batman arrive at the warehouse and join the battle. Together they defeat the robotic beings. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Oliver go into Luthor s secret facility located under the warehouse in order to destroy it and free the two Metahumans, Aquaman and the Flash. Luthor orders Metallo and the robotic beings to destroy the intruders. Superman frees the Flash while Wonder Woman frees Aquaman who is dying from a lack of water. Metallo attacks Superman and the Flash. Luthor, wearing a metallic suit that makes him extremely strong and powerful, battles Wonder Woman. While attempting to plant explosives, Batman and Oliver are attack by more robotic beings. Superman is unable to defeat Metallo because of the kryptonite. Wonder Woman; although, highly skilled, she is still too young and inexperience to defeat the more experience Luthor. The Flash recovers from his injuries inflicted by Metallo and is finally able to come to Superman 's and Wonder Woman 's aid. While fighting Metallo and Luthor, the Flash starts a fire that ignites the fire sprinklers. The water from the sprinklers reaches Aquaman who regains his strength. Aquaman and the Flash fight and defeat Luthor. Wonder Woman battles and destroys Metallo. Superman almost killed by Metallo recovers from his injuries. All four of them then go to assist the Batman and Oliver who are fighting the remaining robotic beings. After defeating the robotic beings, they plant explosives and escape the facility which explodes in a ball of fire. After the battle is over, Oliver informs the Batman that his new mission in life is to stop men like Luthor and that he will pattern his new persona after the Batman. After witnessing Oliver 's fighting skills and bravery using his green bow and arrows, the Batman gives Oliver a new nickname: The Green Arrow. The Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Green Arrow part ways. Superman and Batman signify their new alliance. Wonder Woman decides to return to Paradise Island. Aquaman and the Flash go their separate ways. The Batman confronts Amanda Waller about her alliance with Luthor, her plans against the Metahumans and informs her that he will join forces and protect the Metahumans against her. After witnessing on video, the battle against Luthor 's forces, Amanda Waller' s assistant refers to this new alliance as The Justice League.

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