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By Rebecca Katie-Louise

GENRE: Action, Drama, Romance

I'm developing a script, but here's just a start to the character descriptions, when fully finished I'll upload the document, then the full script.


Immortally Forever is about A teenage girl, who unknowingly is an immortal, but gradually finds out, in this twist and turn play. A story of romance, drama and action.


Immortally Forever.

Character Roles:

Ashlemae Rexan – A teenage (19) girl, who grew up with only her father for support, as her mother died just hours after giving birth to her. As the leading role, she’s the centre. She’s a headstrong, quirky girl, who knows what she wants, and doesn’t give up. She’s a strong girl, and can fight for her protection, but is also a daddy’s girl at heart. She’s often in trouble at school. She feels that something is wrong, but doesn’t quite know what.

Xander Rexan – A middle aged man, who is Ashlemae’s father. He’s not an alcoholic, but he is partial to a bit of drink a sometimes. A confident, man, who has a secret. He often avoids standard girl chat, with his daughter, but is always there for her. He used to work as a police detective, before being framed for a crime he did not commit. He hates his daughter’s boyfriend.

Trystan Delaney – Ashlemae’s Boyfriend: A few years older (27) than Ashlemae, Trystan is a steady, easy going guy, who loves Ashlemae, as he knows she’s the one. He’s determined to be with Ashlemae, no matter what her father, says. Unaware, of the family secret. He’s always smartly dressed, with co-ordinated clothing, and smokes. After years, training to be a boxer, he gave up that life, to be a down to earth guy.

Gwendolyn Cary – Ashlemae’s best friend, who’s also unaware of the family secret. She’s a fun loving teenage (19) girl, who is fashion orientated, and girly. Ashlemae’s partner in crime. She is also the one with the camera, who always finds a photographic opportunity. She also has a crush on Trystan, (Ashlemae’s boyfriend), but keeps it hidden, so Ashlemae doesn’t know. She’s often the one who’s in trouble at college.

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