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By Richard W Roth

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama, Family, Music, Romance, Thriller
LOGLINE: An alcoholic Mexican priest returns home only to confront a daughter he didn’t know he had but not before he's drawn into his brother's scheme to profit from the meth trade.


Good news? Father Ramon is returning to his home town after eighteen years. Bad News? He picks up his older brother from prison who informs him of his plans to start manufacturing Sudafed for the Meth trade. Hook: Years ago Ramon’s girlfriend was married off to his brother by her father while pregnant with Ramon’s child in order to gain control of Ramon's father's pharmaceutical business. Hook/Twist: The daughter, now eighteen, is being forced to marry another by her grandfather just like her mother was but before this can happen Ramon marries her to her true love . Final Hook: Ramon betrays his brother to the Federales in order to save him from being killed by his father-in-law. COUNTERFEIT is a cross-border drama set in modern-day Mexico about the secrets that both bind and threaten to tear a family apart. It’s set against the backdrop of the billion dollar counterfeit pharmaceutical problem. FATHER RAMON GUTIERREZ (30s) is called back to his home town to take over the parish from an ailing priest. On his way he picks up his brother MIGUEL (40s), recently released after eight years in prison for selling Sudafed to the Meth Cartel. Ramon is welcomed back to town with a celebratory homecoming at the restaurant of his former love, ANGELINA, 30s, who was married off to Miguel in a deal that resulted in the consolidation and expansion of the Gutierrez family pharmaceutical business into something more profitable if less legitimate, the manufacture of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Miguel plots to steal the cash coming in on a Department of Homeland Security plane to fund his reentry into the meth business and to exact revenge on WILLIAM BLANCHARD, 60s, Angelina’s father who stole the Gutierrez pharmaceutical business and sent him to prison. History threatens to repeat itself when Angelina’s daughter, ARMANDA (17) plans to marry her childhood sweetheart while Blanchard plans to marry Armanda off to his new business associate. An overheard conversation sets off a maelstrom of controversy over who might be Armanda’s father. Not without its lighter moments, COUNTERFEIT tells the story of a family caught between old loves and new responsibilities, between greed and service, secrets and truth.


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