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By Richard W Roth

GENRE: Comedy, Horror, Music
LOGLINE: An aspiring singer's car breaks down in the middle of Arizona and she's taken in by two women who run a remote diner, but she soon discovers they are Sirens, wicked immortal specters who lure truckers to their deaths to make themselves young again.


From coverage (ScriptShark): "This is one of the most original, cinematic concepts to come across my desk in about six months. The updating of the Siren’s myth is one we haven’t seen before and brings tremendous scope to the script. As it is clear the authors are in clear command of screenplay craft, rather than run through the usual list of elements." SYNOPSIS: ZOEY MACK, mid-20s, has a Bonnie Raitt-sized voice in size seven jeans. After breaking up with her boyfriend/manager/songwriter, Zoey has an altercation with a creep who was heckling her, Tasers him, and runs over him with her car. Certain she's killed him, Zoey flees. When her car breaks down in the middle of the Arizona desert near a cafe, she's taken in by two kindly old women: VIVIAN, 3000s, looking like Stevie Nicks on a very bad day, and PENELOPE, 80s, looking even worse. What she doesn't know is that Vivian is the last remaining Siren on Earth. Penelope was recruited into being a siren just sixty years ago and the third member of their covey died when she attempted to remove the heart of a trucker they lured to the cafe over their low-wattage radio station with their sweet Siren song. When the trucker escaped, the Siren code demanded she be turned to stone. Vivian and Penelope learn that it takes three to lure the truckers to the cafe in order to extract their still-beating hearts, regain their youth, and obtain the meat for the barbecue at their cafe. But when they find out Zoey can sing, they coerce her into completing their sinister trio. In the night a trucker appears, they snatch his heart, and two young versions of Vivian and Penelope greet Zoey the next morning at breakfast. While Zoey's boyfriend frantically searches for her, a music producer wanders in promising great things for Zoey after a Saturday night performance at the cafe. Zoey's suspicions are aroused then confirmed when the producer mysteriously disappears and Vivian demands that Zoey sings their Sirens' Song to lure another trucker to the cafe in exchange for the life of her boyfriend who finally tracked Zoey down but was imprisoned by Vivian. Who knew that Sirens weren't fire-proof?


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